The Cycle: Frontier Waterweed Filaments Locations

Waterweed Filaments are one of the uncommon plants that resemble a hybrid of a mushroom and a waterlily in The...

Waterweed Filaments are one of the uncommon plants that resemble a hybrid of a mushroom and a waterlily in The Cycle: Frontier.

You harvest plants in the game to either sell or use in crafting. Waterweeds themselves are pretty much useless. Their Filaments, however, are considered pretty rare and can fetch around 228 K-Marks per stack at the Prospect Station.

Waterweed Filaments are also a good source of earning faction points to level up factions in the game. That will be a grind though because you can only earn 2x faction points for a single Waterweed Filament.

The monetary and leveling importance of the plant makes it a little hard to find. Unlike most of the other plants, Waterweed Filaments are not in abundance and only blossom in a specific area of the map.

The following guide will tell you where to farm Waterweed Filaments in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Waterweed Filaments Location

Waterweed Filaments require water to grow and hence can only be found around the lakes, swamps, and other water bodies on the map.


Bright Sands Waterweed Filaments Locations

There are two particular locations on Bright Sands that hold the highest probability of having Waterweed Filaments.

The first location is the area surrounding Waterfall Lab in the north. The lake continues to stream downwards across the middle of Bright Sands all the way to the south. You will have a fairly easier time farming Waterweed Filaments in the north around the Waterfall Lab instead of following the stream downward. Do note that an alien Fauna roams there but she is easy to confront.

The second location to farm a good amount of Waterweed Filaments is Rock Pools west of the Power Plant. Furthermore, you can also find Waterweed Filaments in the south of Swamp Camp alongside the water bodies.

The Cycle Frontier Waterweed Filaments Bright Sands Location

Crescent Falls Waterweed Filaments Locations

The Oasis in the north has a good abundance of Waterweed Filaments. You can also head to the western border of Hay Fields and the Jungle Thermal Ponds to farm the plant. In the south, the Lagoon is a small area with a quick yield.

The Cycle Frontier Waterweed Filaments Crescent Falls

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