The Cycle: Frontier Audiophiles Beware Quest Guide

Weapon crafting is an exciting part of every game, and interesting weapons can sometimes single-handedly attract a good chunk of the player base for a game. A quest revolving around the same idea is bound to be interesting. One such quest in The Cycle: Frontier is Audiophile Beware Quest, and, in this guide, we will be helping you how complete the Audiophiles Beware Quest in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Audiophiles Beware Quest

During your endeavor on an unknown land, you come across an engineer who is eager to create a new kind of weapon. A weapon that makes use of acoustics in some way.

The idea behind the weapon is that it should be helpful to anyone who is wandering in this foreign land and can serve as a decoy to confuse enemies or other creatures when need be.

Completing the full Audiophiles Beware questline will reward you with 5x Audio Decoy – The weapon the engineer is developing.

Audiophile Beware Quest Part 1

When you start the Audiophile Beware quest and meet the engineer for the first time, he will tell you that ICA – the company he works for, likes to make their tools and that he likes you and you can help in creating a new kind of weapon.

The first thing that you will be asked to do is to stash 3 grenades in the Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop and for that purpose, you will need to travel to Bright Sands specifically to Swamp Camp where you will stash the grenades.

That will conclude the first part of the Audiophiles Beware Quest.


  • 160 FP
  • 3x ICA Scrip
  • 6400x Krypto Marks

Audiophile Beware Quest Part 2

The next part of the questline will require you to gather some materials which are necessary for the new type of weapon that the engineer is building. You will be asked to bring two different materials which are.

These materials are rather easy to collect. The Copper Wire can be found in Dumpsters and among random loot which is found on the ground. Secondly, the Ball Bearings can be found in Dumpster and Industrial Crates.

Once you deliver these items, the second part of the questline will be concluded.


  • 160 FP
  • 3x ICA Scrip
  • 6400x Krypto Marks

Audiophile Beware Quest Part 3

Since the weapon is being developed to be used on this specific planet so it must have a local touch and for that purpose, it should be it must be developed locally.

For that very reason, the engineer will need some parts delivered to Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop so she can finish what she has been working on. For the third and final part of the quest, you will need to stash the following items in Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop.

The location will be the same as that of part 1 of the quest. Once you have stashed all items, the quest will be completed, and you will receive your reward.


  • 200 FP
  • 4x ICA Scrip
  • 7000x Krypto Marks

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