The Cycle: Frontier Copper Wire Location

While it may be classified as a Common resource, Copper Wire can be actually quite hard to locate if you don’t know its proper spawn points in The Cycle. That is where our guide comes in, leading you through all the best locations where you can loot an abundance of Copper Wire in The Cycle: Frontier for your resource needs.

The Cycle: Frontier Copper Wire Location

There are some materials you’ll need that never spawn in The Cycle Frontier, but others are hard to find by design. For upgrades, copper wire is an essential material.

A specific faction, Korolev manufactures Copper Wire. It is therefore only found in Korolev structures. Search the Dumpsters within Korolev-owned structures for a 3-7% chance of finding Copper Wire.

On the Bright Sands map, you can see that we have marked the Korolev-owned structures. While it is designed to spawn in large numbers in the East Extraction point, this does not always happen.

In addition, this is also a low-danger zone, so you can always find Copper Wire there, even if you have just started playing.

You can unlock specific rooms with a lot of loot by completing special puzzles in three out of four Korolev structures. It’s not hard to do these; you need to locate a few batteries and insert them into the battery slots in one of the locations.

Do keep in mind that solving these puzzles will not guarantee you’ll get Copper Wire, but it will give you a greater chance of getting them as these places have a high spawn rate.

Below, we have marked all the Korolev-owned structures on the Bright Sands map in which you have a high chance of finding Copper Wire. Apart from these, the Science Campus also has a high spawn rate of Copper Wire.

The Cycle: Frontier Copper Wire Location

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