The Ascent Trace Protocol Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you complete the Trace Protocol mission of The Ascent. This is the seventh campaign mission of...

This walkthrough will help you complete the Trace Protocol mission of The Ascent. This is the seventh campaign mission of the game, and we will be helping you complete all of its objectives and gather all the collectibles and loot. We will also be giving you tips for the Celine Boss Fight

The Ascent Trace Protocol

Trace Protocol is the seventh campaign mission of The Ascent. It is quite a lengthy mission followed by a boss fight at the end. We will be helping you complete all of the objectives as quickly as possible and gather all of the equipment and loot scattered across the mission.

Starting the Mission

You can start the mission by talking to Kira. She can be located near the market area, and talking to her will trigger a cutscene. She will give you a rundown of the mission objectives, and then you can be on your way.

First, you have to locate Lanier. Do so by exiting the shop and start going downstairs. When you reach the bottom of the staircase, a dialogue can be overheard, which will give you a new objective; “ Speak with Stackboss Poone”.

Now, keep heading towards the right and go inside the Serenity Plus. There, take a right and keep going until you arrive where Stackboss Poone is sitting. Talk to him to receive the next order.

Stimtown Tasks

You will be tasked to enter Stimtown. Once your dialogue with Poone is over, exit the Serenity Plus club and backtrack to the middle of the market where there’s a bridge. Cross the bridge, and you’ll see an elevator on the right side. Call the elevator and go down. Then keep heading forward and take the left turn.

You will soon reach the entrance of Pearl Hotel. Kill any enemies in the vicinity and then take the elevator to go to the platform above. Go ahead and talk to Warton. He will hand you a package that needs to be delivered to Spice.

You then need to go straight ahead and take a right from the junction and then go to the end of the pathway and go down from the elevator. Keep heading towards the right until you reach a bar and then talk to Palu. Palu will give you a new objective.

Dirty Dive Bar & Onwards

This bar is located on the left side of the map. It is decorated with red neon lights. Go to the bar and talk to the girl behind the counter. Your dialogue with her will reveal that you need to chat with Trenning next.

Exit the bar and then keep heading straight, cross the dancing hologram lady and keep moving forward. She can be located at Cluster 13. Once you reach Cluster 13, follow the mission trail and head towards Blossom Hills.

Proceed to the lower-right side of Blossom Hills and talk to the guy at the waypoint. Keep moving towards the big yellow gates after your dialogue and go through the market area of Blossom Hills. You’ll be fighting a lot of goons here. Stay on the move and deal with them quickly to proceed further with the mission. Now you need to investigate Lanier’s Apartment.

Lanier’s Apartment

Start moving upwards on the map and take the elevator into the upper section. There are a few chests, and other loot items in this area, so pick em up before leaving. Now access the surveillance system from the room in the top right corner of the apartment. A cutscene will be triggered once you interact with the surveillance system. Kira will give you your new orders.

You need to gain entrance to the Exmat Lab. Keep following the red line and loot any chests you find along the way. You need to haul ass to the Highstreet area. Use the Interlink to travel there.

The Exmat Lab

This is where things get a little interesting in the Trace Protocol mission. After exiting the Interlink, follow the red line and discover The Umbilical area. Go through the area and keep on following the waypoint. You will soon come across a new area called Rezdev. Loot and collect anything of interest in the vicinity and push on ahead.

Make sure that you are stocked up on healing items because you’ll be getting into more fights from here on out.

Mobs will surround you as soon as you get near the lab, and you’ll have to put them down. These mobs will also include heavy enemies, so prioritize the smaller threats first and then deal with the bigger ones. Enter the lab and proceed further. Keep heading towards the waypoint and swiftly deal with any opposition along the way.

Celine Boss Fight

Interact with the console and then wait for the appropriation to complete. More enemies will spawn around you. Hold em off using your weapons and abilities. Stay on the move to avoid taking too much damage. As you defeat enemies, a new cutscene will be triggered, and the Celine Boss Fight will start.

The arena for this fight has a lot of covers, so utilize them. Celine will rely on her ranged laser beam attacks and her AoE blasts.

Maintain a safe distance as you thin out the smaller and weaker enemies first and then focus on taking down Celine. Once you take her down, clear out any remaining enemies and then go back to the console and interact with it.

Exmat Lab Mainframe

Kara will speak with you on the radio and tell you to access the Exmat Lab Mainframe. Go to the mainframe, located in the central area of the lab, and access it. Do that and listen to Kara on your radio again. This concludes our walkthrough of the Trace Protocol mission in The Ascent.

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