The Ascent Best Weapons

In the Ascent, there are several different types of guns that you can get your hands on. The better the...

In the Ascent, there are several different types of guns that you can get your hands on. The better the weapon you have, the easier it will be to get through high-level enemies later on in the game. Below we have listed some of the best unique weapons present in The Ascent and how to get them as well.

The Ascent Best Weapons

Many of the Unique weapons that we will list below are rare weapons, and in order to unlock them, you will have to search around The Ascent’s world to find them.

Weapons in The Ascent come in various different archetypes with each archetype featuring numerous weapons that we have listed below. We have taken the liberty of categorizing and listing the best unique weapons within each archetype.

  • The Minor Note
  • ABR Commander
  • The Overwhelmer
  • The Fist
  • BC7 Disintegrator
  • The Magmamaker

Best Sidearms

The Minor Note

Damage: 115

Weapon Ability: The weapon has hive per shot damage for a sidearm, making it useful against stronger enemies, and overpowered in the hands of those who have great aims.

Weapon Location: You will find this weapon during the main mission “Trace Protocol” in the Corpzone inside the exMat Lab. After reaching that place you have to go straight into the lobby and hack the door on your right. Here you will find this sidearm weapon inside the chest.

Best Machineguns

  • ABR Commander
  • The Overwhelmer

ABR Commander

Damage: 464

Weapon Ability: The ABR is one of the most versatile, unique guns in The Ascent. It is a burst rifle with tracking bullets, which automatically travel towards the target if fired in their general direction.

Weapon Location: This weapon is located in the bottom part of the Cluster 13 area. There will be a chest in an alley there which requires ICE-2 level to be unlocked. Inside this chest, you’ll find the ABR Commander.

The Overwhelmer

Damage: 607

Weapon Ability: The Overwhelmer is a really powerful weapon that fires explosive rounds. If you can manage to get it early on in the game, you will fly through the earlier enemies easily.

With the rapid firing of the machine gun, explosive ammo on the Overwhelmer makes for a devastating weapon that can kill multiple enemies easily.

Weapon location: The Overwhelmer is present in the back of a truck that can be found in a cornered area between the Edge and the Grinder in the Warrens area. The truck is surrounded by level 25 enemies, so you will have a tough time getting this weapon early on in the game.

Best Shotguns

The Fist

Damage: 487

Weapon Ability: The weapon is the first shotgun that you get. This makes it very easy to upgrade at the start of the game, making it one of the strongest weapons after you reach the middle of the game

Weapon Location: The Fist is a Shotgun in Ascent which you can buy from any weapons vendor in the game for 42,000 uCreds. If you didn’t find the weapon on your first visit you should progress a little further in the game and then again go to the vendor. The inventory will be updated by then.

Best Excessive Weapons

  • BC7 Disintegrator
  • The Magmamaker

BC7 Disintegrator

Damage: 850

Weapon Ability: The gun is a minigun, meaning that it has a high and rapid firing rate. Along with that, being an Energy weapon, it deals very high damage to targets who are unfortunate enough to get caught in its fire.

Weapon Location: BC7 Disintegrator is an energy-type weapon that can be bought for 25,000 uCreds. It can be bought from the weapons vendor located in Rezdev Highstreet in the southern part of the map. Upgrading it will make it one of the best weapons you can have.

The Magmamaker

Damage: 506

Weapon Ability: The weapon is a beast in close-range combat and does really high fire damage to enemies. Magmamaker is a Flamethrower that can be very effective when dealing with multiple enemies who are close to each other. With the high AoE damage, Magmamaker can easily handle swarms of enemies.

Weapon Location: The Magmamaker can be found in the Highstreet level of Arcology. This area of the map unlocks somewhat later on in the game. Once you have access to this area, head to the golden building in the center of this area. Inside this building, there is a special weapons vendor who sells the Magmamaker for 24,800 uCreds.

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