The Ascent Tips

To make things less complicated, we've gathered some essential beginners' The Ascent Tips and tricks to help with your journey

The Ascent takes place in the brutal dystopia of Veles, which is jam-packed with nonstop action and adventure. To make things less complicated, we’ve gathered some essential beginners’ The Ascent Tips and tricks that’ll help you move forward in the game and complete your fight for freedom. Let’s begin.

The Ascent Tips for Beginners

The visually stunning world of Veles is not as straightforward as it seems. The game’s complexity will come to the surface as you proceed to explore the deeply tangled world.

Although the game does a pretty decent job pointing you in the correct direction, you might still find yourself lost and confused.

From this guide, you can take a look at a few of The Ascent Tips we have to put you ahead of the game. With the following The Ascent Tips, you’ll be able to master the game’s mechanics effectively.

Below are our The Ascent Tips and Tricks to help you dive into the game.


If you’ve played RPG cyberpunk games before, you’ll know the importance of your character’s appearances. It can get quite overwhelming at first and make you rush through the process.

Fortunately, unlike the other games, the Ascent lets you change your appearance even after you’ve begun the game. Simply visit the vendors marked on the map with the DNA icon and choose surgery to change your appearance.

Main Quests

One of our strongest recommendations for you is to stick to the main quest. When you’re beginning the game, you should go in the direction where the game leads you and learn about the game mechanics.

The side quests can get very intriguing and lure you into grabbing as much reward as you can. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it can still cause you a lot of delays.

Opting for side quests as soon as they pop up on your screen can delay your discoveries of crucial game-play mechanics. You can also lose the sense of direction if you get too busy playing side quests only.

Explore the World

While you’re completing your objectives, make sure to explore the areas around you. You’ll find many paths that’ll branch out to different routes. Visit these routes to find some chests and crates bulked up with loot.

You’ll also come across some junk, abandoned cars, and countertops. These can be interacted with, and you can obtain weapons, armors, and Ucreds from them. However, have your guard up when you visit these paths as you may encounter some enemies and bosses.

Selling Duplicates

When you’re playing the Ascent, you’ll notice there’s very little cash that you can collect while exploring the world. The best way to earn quick money in the game is to sell some of your items that are unnecessarily stacked up in your inventory.

When you complete quests, chances are you’ll pick up the same gear again and again. Selling some of this gear can help you make a lot of cash, and you can use it to buy expensive augmentations and weapons.

Make sure you only sell these to the bartenders that’ll be found on the map as the money bag icon.

Weapon’s Damage Type

In order to succeed through the vile world of Veles, it’s important for you to combat through different enemies. Your combats are only successful if you have the correct type of weapons with you. Before you select any weapon, make sure to look into the type of damage it does.

We suggest you equip yourself with fire-type weapons. Most of the creatures are vulnerable to fire; hence they’ll take the most damage from fire weapons. Always look into the energy of the weapon and how it’ll act against the enemies.

You can even upgrade your weapons in The Ascent to add that extra kick!

Co-op in The Ascent

You can choose to play through The Ascent either solo, or with a few friends in co-operative play to make the journey more enjoyable!

Hacking Objects in The Ascent

As it turns out, a great part of the game can be made easier if you know how to hack objects in The Ascent. Which is relatively easy until it isn’t. Hacking objects simply requires you to press ‘Y’ on Xbox or ‘C’ on PC.

Some objects might however be locked under certain conditions which prevent them from being hacked. You can check out our detailed guide on How to Hack Objects in The Ascent.

Taking Cover

You can be equipped with the best weapons possible but still can be vulnerable to damage. Although weapons play a significant role in helping you defeat the enemies, there are chances that they can overpower you in the shape of swarms.

The best way to avoid this is to take cover whenever you can. The game lets you give damage without receiving any by crouching down against a waist-high structure.

Once you’ve taken cover behind something, you’ll be able to shoot at enemies, but the enemies can’t attack you through. It’s one of the best techniques to win combats without taking too much damage.

Upgrading Weapons

If you’re a beginner, you might wonder where are the different types of guns and weapons. Well, the Ascent does not have variety or tiers of guns. Instead, every gun has an MK level that can be upgraded.

To do so, you’ll have to visit a gunsmith vendor that can be found on the map as the hammer icon. When you visit one, you’ll notice you need components to upgrade your gun.

In the early stages, you’re only required to bring the basic components. However, as the game goes on, you’re required to bring rare components.

The only way to get rare components is to explore for loot, take out enemies, and complete quests. It’s also worth mentioning that you should only upgrade weapons that are worth the expensive components.

Tactical Items and Augmentations

Other than the weapons, Tactical items and Augmentations also help you deal with the damage. Tactical items include grenades and drones that are not consumables.

These are the items that will assist you on the battlefield, and you can use them as much time as you want. However, keep in mind that you need to recharge whenever you use a grenade or drone before using another. You can’t use tactical items one after another.

Augmentations are your cyber ware implants that can be absolute game-changers.

Different Augmentations serve different purposes and help you demolish bosses that can’t be taken out with guns. It can also help you get rid of a swarm of enemies without taking too much damage.

Leveling up Attributes

It is crucial to keep in mind that the level of different attributes influences different augmentations. You have a total of four attributes that include; Motorics, Biometrics, Cybernetics, and Frame.

Whenever you add a point to one of the eight skills available, the linked attributes will level up. And then the leveled-up attributes will boost whatever Augmentation that’s directly related to them.

Hack Vending Machines

Vending machines are available throughout the game to provide you with health kits and tactical charges. You can navigate them by following the white squares on the map. However, they do require some Ucreds from you.

Keeping in mind the money situation in the Ascent, you should hack these machines instead. To do so, you need to upgrade your cyberdeck quite often with the hacking software.

Don’t get too greedy and overstock the items from the vending machines as they are limited, and you might re-spawn and need them later.

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