How to Play Co-op in The Ascent

In this guide for The Ascent, we will tell you all the ways you can co-op with your friends and play the campaign of The Ascent with some friendly backup.

How to Play Co-op in The Ascent

The Ascent is a cyberpunk game with a map of a dense futuristic city. You can play the game in the open world, explore the area, combat enemies, and complete your missions.

The game can be played solo however it does have a Co-op mode to allow you to play The Ascent with some friends.

Game Modes

There are three methods for playing co-op with your friends in The Ascent. One of the most convenient game modes is Couch Co-op and Online Co-op.

Online Co-op

The option for Online Co-op is present on the main menu at the very start. This specific model allows you to play the game with online players. These can be strangers or even your own friends. Invite them to the game to play with them from the starting point.

Couch Co-op

Couch Co-op will be the second option right after the online one. You can select the Couch mode for having a gaming experience with people under the safe roof as you are.

However, the two modes cannot be intermixed. For example, your friends who combat with you in online Co-op cannot join the Couch mode. Similar is the case for Couch players. Online Co-op is not for them. You cannot have both of them in a single game.

Once you are done with all your selections, the next step is deciding whether you want to host a new game or not.

By choosing a new game, you can start your missions and combat from scratch. Or you can choose an already saved game. In such a case, the task will begin precisely from the point all of you left.

Playing Solo

This is the third and the last way to play this game. When you play yourself, you can switch up the online mode using the start button. It can be switched between public, off, or invite.

When public, you can start playing your game without waiting in the lobby. Different people will join themselves when they find your server.

Similarly, in an invite, you send links to friends asking them to join and play the Ascent with you. No one other than them can join the game.

When off, no one can connect with you. Playing solo allows the players to stay focused on the game and starting it straight away instead of waiting for the other players in the game lobby.

Number of companions

A total of four people can play a single match. Have your match set to invite-only so that no one except for friends you invited can connect.

The open mode is also there for your service. In open mode, anyone who has no partner can join and play a cooperative match with the host.

The Ascent Crossplay

Apart from the gameplay of the Co-op or the Multiplayer mode of The Ascent, you can also have Cross-play. Cross-playing is available between Xbox (X/S series) and players playing the game Windows 10 version.

Compatibility of Cross-plays

The Ascent Cross-play only works in agreement considering the platforms of Xbox (X/S, one series) and players that join from PC. For PC, only the players who are using the Xbox application have the ability to use this feature.

As for the Steam version, it is not a part of the Xbox family. Hence, no cross-playing is available for them. But this does not mean it will never be possible. Hopefully, in the upcoming updates or game fixes, this particular issue is resolved.

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