How to Hack Objects in The Ascent

In the Ascent, you will run into many different doors and areas which will need to be hacked in order to be unlocked and accessed. In this guide, we will explain how to hack objects in the Ascent, particularly hacking the doors and chests with ICE-2 or ICE-3 level security.

How to Hack Objects in The Ascent

Hacking some of the obstacles in The Ascent will be quite straightforward, while some will require certain levels and upgrades to your equipment in order to be hacked.

In The Ascent, objects that have a yellow outline mean that they can be hacked. To hack an object, go close to hit and hold down ‘Y’ on Xbox or ‘C’ if you are on PC.

If you have the required level to hack the object, then it will be hacked automatically just by holding down the key when close to the object.

Hacking Objects with ‘Access Denied’ Message

While hacking some objects, you may get the ‘Access Denied’ message. It means that your equipment does not have the level required to hack that certain object. As you progress further in the game, you will need to upgrade your cyberdeck in order to hack the high-level objects.

When you are hacking, your character carries a console called ‘Cyberdeck’ that is visible for a brief period when you click the hacking button and is regarded as any other piece of equipment in your loadout.


You discover new parts with higher stats, and the better parts you discover, the better your hacking ability and Cyberdeck become.

So upgrading your Cyberdeck to a higher level will remove the ‘Access Denied’ message from these objects.

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