How to Upgrade Weapons in The Ascent

In the following guide, we will explain all the basics you need to know in order to upgrade your weapons in The Ascent to keep your sharp edge on Veles as you go about causing mayhem.

How to Upgrade Weapons in The Ascent

The Ascent is a game with remarkable visuals set in the metropolitan area where you can play in open world mode.

Overpowering the opponents, hoarding various weapons, accomplishing your assigned missions, The Ascent offers you a lot. You can also roam around the area and buy stuff using in-game money.

As the game progresses, the fights get more brutal. This calls for better weaponry. This guide tells you all you need to know about upgrading your weapons.

Upgrading your weapons allows you to take down your enemies effortlessly and make your way to the top in no time!

Finding a Gun Smith

The first step towards upgrading is finding the gunsmith. They are the ones who will work on your artillery and improve it.

They utilize your resources to upgrade your weapon. Locating a gunsmith is fairly easy. You’ll find several hammer icons over the map. This is where the gunsmiths reside.

Once you approach them, choose to “shop” from them. Next, select the gun that needs an upgrade from your collection.

Everything you need is present on your screen. Finally, you can have a look at the components you require for upgrading. The balance that you currently have is written in the top corner.

Levels of resources

The components used to upgrade the guns can be discovered all over the map. These items have a purplish glow when you come near them.

The most common area to get them is in the dens of enemies or counters of different shops.

Every time you upgrade your weapon, you require the next level of the component you used. The total number of levels a component can have is three. These are named Basic, Advanced, and X.

A weapon that is at X is at the highest upgrade. Each leveling up requires fifteen previous components. So, fifteen advanced to make an X. The Mk goes up by 1 every time. So, the highest Mk is 15.

The game also displays the contrast of the before and after of each upgrade on the side of your screen.

Identical weapons

Once you have leveled up a weapon, every time you pick it up around the world, it would be already upgraded.

For example, if you have leveled up a pistol to Mk 4, whenever you find a pistol around, it will be a Mk 4.

Therefore, you do not have to utilize components every time you get loot. It does not matter even if you have no guns of a particular type in your inventory. Once upgraded, it cannot be reversed.

Selling the weapons

You do not have to store a number of the same kind of weapons. Keep variety in your stocks.

Upgrade every type of weapon that you get and keep it with you. You never know when you might need the gun.

Do not even give up the first gun you get in the game. Keep on upgrading it until it has fallen into disuse.

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