The Ancient City Gorondia Walkthrough

Help Dugby find the Ancient City of Gorondia

The Ancient City Gorondia is a series of side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While this quest sounds grand in name, the objective is to help a Goron Child traverse using the functional mine carts.

In this guide, we will take you on a grand adventure with Dugby and help him achieve his dream. Let’s hop on. As you need to help Dugby twice, we have covered both quests in detail below.

The Ancient City Gorondia! [First Quest]

There are two parts to this quest. The first one is called The Ancient City Gorondia! You can start this quest by going to the Yunobo HQ to the north of Goron City.

You will notice a young Goron named Dugby (1744, 2575, 0427) standing near a mine cart. He wants to reach the ancient city of Gorondia but is stuck here. Talking to him will start the quest.

Dugby wants to ride the mine cart to Gorondia City, but he doesn’t know how to make it work.

Pick up a mine cart and attach a zonai fan to its back with the help of Ultrahand ability. Place the mine cart on the track and talk to Dugby again.

He will hop onto the mine cart. Get in the cart and hit the zonai fan to activate it. Once you reach the other side of the track, The Ancient City Gorondia! side quest will be completed, and Dugby will give you a Zonai Charge as a reward.

The Ancient City Gorondia? [Second Quest]

The second part of the quest is known as The Ancient City Gorondia? Once you complete the first part, return to Goron City with the help of the Marakuguc Shrine.

You will notice Dugby standing in the southern part of the town (1628, 2439, 0384). He will ask you not to follow him as he will be going on his grand adventure alone.

You need to do exactly the opposite of what Dugby told you. Follow this little Goron, who will be rolling away until you reach another mine cart track.

Pick up a zonai fan and attach it to the back of one of the carts present in the area. Place the cart on the tracks with the help of Ultrahand ability.

Talk to Dugby again, and he will hop on the cart. Get inside the cart and hit the zonai fan to activate it. On your way, you will be obstructed by some large boulders present on the track.

Use Ultrahand to remove the boulders, and this will help the mine cart move forward. Once you reach the destination, Dugby will reward you with a Large Zonai Charge. This will complete The Ancient City Gorondia quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quests Rewards

In addition to helping a young child achieve his dream, you will earn the following rewards.

  • 1x Zonai Charge
  • 1x Large Zonai Charge
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