Temtem Starters Guide

Make an educated decision when starting the game with this list of all the details about the starter Temtems available to you

Picking the right Temtem in the beginning according to your play style will be important as matching play style and Temtem will result in a better and more enjoyable journey across the different islands. For that reason, we prepared this Temtem Starters guide.

Temtem Starters

Aspects of each Temtem at the beginning like their type, what they’re strong and weak against, their stats will be vital to make the choice. In this guide we have listed all the aspects of each Temtem to help you make the choice.

The three Temtems available in the start are:

  • Crystle
  • Smazee
  • Houchic

Crystle is a well-rounded starter having balanced base stats and set of strong abilities. At the start, it will be equipped with two physical abilities and can deal considerable damage to opponents despite its primary stats being in defence and HP.

At the start of the game, Crystal Temtems will be very rare to find so having one in your squad can give you a great advantage.

Crystle Stats

  • Type: Crystal
  • Effective vs: Electric and Mental types.
  • Ineffective vs: Fire and Earth types.
  • Resistances: Mental, Toxic and Electric types.
  • Weak vs: Fire, Earth and Melee types.
  • Where to catch: Starter Choice. Can be caught later at: mines of Quetzal on Tucma Island.
  • Evolution: Sherald (level 30)

Smazee has high Attack power and speed, but these stats do not make up for its very low defence stat. Smazee’s strongest move is Uppercut which can deal upto 80 damage to opponents.

Most of its abilities are high priority because of high base speed stats.

Smazee Stats

  • Type: Melee
  • Effective vs: Earth and Crystal types
  • Ineffective vs: Mental and Melee types
  • Resistances: Melee types
  • Weak vs: Mental and Digital types
  • Where to catch: Starter Choice. Later can be caught at: Arbury Island (currently inaccessible in Early access)
  • Evolution: Baboong (level 29)

Houchic is a Mental type Temtem. As mental temtem are quite rare, so choosing it may be a viable option. Although the playstyle is somewhat trickier to master.

Both of its starter Techniques ‘Psy Wave’ and ‘Hypnosis’ have one Hold, meaning you’ll have to wait a turn before you can use them.

Moreover, at the start, Houchic may feel less rewarding as the strategy you will use become repetitive due to few numbers of starting abilities.

However, there is a decent reward for sticking to this Temtem as once you unlock Beta Burst, a special move that inflicts up to 100 damage.

This new Technique is worth the wait and can be used with Hold techniques to further diversify your battle plans.

Houchic Stats

  • Type: Mental
  • Effective vs: Neutral and Melee types
  • Ineffective vs: Crystal types
  • Resistances: Neutral and Melee types
  • Weak vs: Electrical, Digital and Crystal types
  • Where to catch: Starter Choice. Later can be caught at: Arbury Island (currently inaccessible in Early access)
  • Evolution: Tental (level 29)

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