Temtem Gameplay Tips Guide

Learn all the basics of Temtem gameplay with the help of these tips to get a headstart in the newly released Pokemon-style MMO

Temtem is finally here with its Early Access. It is a Pokemon type MMO, but it is available on PC! If you are itching to start the game, check out these Temtem Gameplay tips beforehand.

In Temtem, you battle evil teams and dojos while also interacting with other real players. You can trade with other players and also chat with them. In this guide, we will get you up to speed by providing you with some starting Temtem tips.

Temtem Gameplay Tips

Check cans for loot
In Temtem, getting money and restorative items is quite hard. But searching trash cans and boxes can grant you some loot! If you keep searching the cans and boxes, you will eventually find out useful stuff from them.

Side-Quest are worth doing
In Temtem, there are some proper RPG side-quests in this game. Doing these side quests for the sake of saving a bit of cash at the shop is worth it.

Some items might not be massively helpful, but others like the Umbrella item given by being a decent tour guide in Arrisola, can really boost your team to new heights. So keep a lookout for side quests popping up and do try to complete them.

Just like Pokemon games, you can breed Temtem as well to combine and get the best desired stats for your offspring Temtem. This is also a great way to get Luma Temtem as their hatch rate increases if you breed two Luma Temtems.

Training Values and Tempedia
In Temtem, you gain small stat boosts from each enemy you defeat in a battle and they are known as Training Values or TVs. The number of these extra stats they can take cap at 500 per stat and 1000 total across the board.

And luckily for you, the in-game Tempedia keeps track of the type and number of TVs each Temtem awards when defeated which will make it easier for you to figure out which enemy you should fight for a specific type of TV.

Also, you don’t even need to manually count your total TVs. Just check a Temtem’s stats page and you’ll see them right by their base and SV stats.

Target Types and Advantages
Where there are elements, there are weaknesses, and the world of Temtem is no different. Each and every Temtem out there fits into one or two of the twelve different type categories.

We have explained all the various types and how they impact gameplay in detail in our Temtem Type Chart.

Interact and progress with other Players
Temtem being a MMORPG, you can interact with other players and chat, trade with them too. By opening the main menu and going right a couple times, you can open up the Interact menu and find a nice long list of players you can hit up for not only battles and trades, but co-op adventures and item gifting.

You can also inspect their team before you decide whether to take them on.

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