Temtem Smazee Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide contains all the information you need to help you catch the Temtem Smazee including its locations and other uses

Smazee is a melee type TemTem that you will find in Deniz Island as you reach Zadar Area. This TemTem is strong against Earth and Crystal. This guide will help you with Temtem Smazee Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats.

You get Smazee as a starter TemTem option along with Houchic and Crystle. This Guide is all about Smazee’s stats and evolution.

Temtem Smazee Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

As discussed earlier Smazee is a Melee type Temtem and its base stats are as follows. As a melee type, Smazee is useful against Earth and Crystal type Temtems.

  • HP:49
  • Attack:69
  • Defense:44
  • Speed:66
  • Stamina:55
  • SP Attack:37
  • SP Defense:37


Technique Level Required Technique Type Damage
Kick 1 Neutral 32
Martial Strike 4 Melee 50
Tail Strike 8 Neutral 50
Sand Splatter 10 Earth 35
Show Off 112 Melee
Upper Cut 16 Melee 80
Intimidation 20 Melee
Perfect Jab 26 Mental 40
Heat Up 30 Fire

Smazee can also learn the following techniques through Technique Course!

Technique Name TC Technique Type Damage
Stone Wall 2 Earth
Misogi 5 Water

The Techniques Smazee can learn through Breeding are as follows

Technique Name Technique Type Damage
Earth Wave Earth 90

Smazee Evolutions
Smazee is the first stage in the evolutionary chain. Upon reaching Level 29 Smazee goes through evolution and becomes Baboong. His stats improve as follows

  • HP:54
  • Speed:61
  • Stamina:75
  • Defense:79
  • Attack:51
  • SP Attack:41
  • SP Defense:41

Smazee has two traits that define its overall personality which along with their description are:

Fever Rush: When getting a status condition, increases ATK damage by 1 stage

Friendship: Immune to Ally’s Offensive Techniques

Smazee Type Defense
Any TemTem’s type defense define the level of damage they take from each type of technique. Smazee’s Type defense is as follows

  • Neutral:1x
  • Fire:1x
  • Water:1x
  • Nature:1x
  • Electric:1x
  • Earth:1x
  • Mental:2x
  • Wind:1x
  • Digital:2x
  • Melee:0.5x
  • Crystal:1x
  • Toxic:1x