Temtem Combat Tips

These Temtem combat tips will help you nail down every aspect of the battles and ensure victory, whatever your choice of Temtem might be

Temtem’s combat works very similar to turn-based games that involve catching monsters and making them ruthlessly fight until one of them loses consciousness; we won’t say which one. If you are having trouble wrapping your head around all the details and the combat complexity of Temtem then these Temtem Combat Tips should clear up every detail for you.

Temtem Combat Tips

Your techniques are your Temtem’s different abilities that allow them to perform varying attacks of different types dealing damage based on your Temtem’s stats.

Technique Type
Each attack has a specific type to it which will deal more or less damage based on your opposing Temtem’s type.

Technique Damage
Your technique’s damage will be an indication of how much health of your opposing Temtem you can takedown.

Technique Category
Your Temtem’s Technique Category will decide whether it will be a Special or a Physical attack. Its damage I reflected by your Temtem’s Special Attack and Attack stats respectively.

Technique Stamina Cost
Each ability deducts a bit from the Stamina of that Temtem. Every ability has a different level of stamina consumption. The stronger the attack, the more the stamina consumption.

Technique Hold
After using a specific Technique, you will not be able to use it for a specific number of turns. This is known as Technique Hold.

Technique Priority
The Technique Priority will tell you when the attack at which time in the turn will be used. The higher the priority, the sooner the Technique will be used.

Technique Synergy
If a Technique is in ‘Synergy’ with your Temtem on the battlefield, the Technique will then receive a considerable boost which will result in the Temtem dealing more damage or stat changes.

Technique Categories
There are different Technique Categories which will use different stats of your Temtem in order to see how much damage each attack will deal. The following are all the main categories for attacks in Temtem:

These techniques only affect the status condition of either your Temtem, or the enemy Temtem. Status techniques do NOT inflict any sort of damage what-so-ever.

Physical Category attacks are determined by the Attack stat. These attacks are physical in nature, and do not employ any of the Temtem’s special characteristics.

These Techniques inflict damage which is reflected by the Special Attack stat. If your enemy’s Special Defense is low, you can easily take advantage of it by using your Temtem’s Special abilities.

How Do I Get New Abilities?

When you first catch a Temtem, you will find out that it has only one ability to start off with. In order to acquire more techniques for your Temtem you will have to employ different methods. There are a total of three ways you can teach them new Techniques.

Some Techniques are only learnable by specific breeds of said Temtems. These unique Techniques will only be learnt by a specific breed and cannot be acquired by any other Temtem.

Leveling your Temtem throughout the course of your adventure will result in it gaining new techniques. Your Temtem will get a new technique on certain points while levelling up.

Courses are items that will be used to teach Temtems new techniques. Each specific course will have the knowledge of a unique ability you can teach to your Temtem. Not every ability is acquirable by all Temtems, certain Temtems can learn certain abilities while the other ones are capable of learning something else.

Determining Damage Output
Each of your Techniques will be able to inflict a certain amount of damage which can be calculated by using a formula. For this, you should see where your character stands in terms of stats.

Special Attacks are dependent on the SPATK stat while Physical Attacks are dependent on the ATK stat.

The formula is:

7+ Level/200 x Technique Damage x Attack/Defense) x Modifier = Damage   

If the technique of a Temtem matches the type of your Temtem, the attack will gain a significant amount of boost in terms of damage.

Competitive Battle
If you think your Temtems are ready for it, then you can jump right into Competitive battle that pit 2 Temtems versus another 2. Your Competitive Squad is allowed to have a total of 8 Temtems.

You and your opponent will take turns to decide which Temtem to ban from the roster which will leave a total of 5 Temtems in the end in battle. This is the order in which Temtem banning occurs.

  • Blue bans one Temtem.
  • Orange bans one Temtem, and picks one.
  • Blue picks two Temtems.
  • Orange picks one Temtem, and bans one Temtem.
  • Blue bans one Temtem, and picks one Temtem.
  • Orange picks two Temtems.
  • Blue picks two Temtems.
  • Orange picks one Temtem.

All of that information should give you a clear idea of how combat works in Temtem. Keeping everything in mind, you should be able to ace your competitive 2v2s pretty easily.

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