Temtem Breeding Guide

Raising Temtem is quite a hard task if you’re a beginner. This is where our Temtem Breeding Tips guide comes to your aid. In this guide we have given every step required to hatch a Temtem along with their Power Stats.

Temtem Breeding

Two Temtems are placed together in the Center to create a new Egg. The resulting Temtem Egg can possess mixed Techniques, Traits and Single Values inherited from the parents.

This is a really unique method to create Eggs that can’t be found in the wild.

Creating a Temtem eggs by mating two Temtems of the same species can take up to 15 minutes. While it takes 10 additional minutes to create an Egg by mating two Temtems of the different species.

In short, the length of the breeding process depends upon what kind of species you use. Some species take 15 minutes while others can almost take an hour.

Producing and Hatching Temtem Egg
Once the egg is produced it will possess a Level 1 Temtem of the first form of the mother’s evolutionary line. Just keep in mind that the Breeding Center can only store one egg at a time therefore, in order to start the breeding process again, you are required to get the egg first.

After the creation, hatching takes place which usually takes 5-45 minutes. However, Eggs placed in the terminal can’t hatch until they’re remove. So, remove them first then continue the hatching process.

As far as Fertility is concerned, Temtems have a certain fertility value which decreases every time an egg is created. Also, fertility can’t be regained as it’s increased at 8 levels.

The parents will lose one level of fertility as the child inherits the lower fertility value of the parents at birth.

Suppose one Parent carries fertility value 8 and the other possesses 6 so eventually at birth the child will have a lower fertility value of each parent which is 7 and 5 respectively and the child will have an over 5 fertility value as well.

For Wild Temtems, the fertility value is usually 8 but having a good SV can lower the stats. For example, having one or two good stats decreases the fertility from 8 to 7, having three or four good stats can decrease the fertility to 6 and so on.

After the egg is hatched, the Temtems adapt the moves of their parents and since they’re fast learner they can even learn moves that they can’t learn naturally, just like Pokemon.

Luma Temtems
The possibility of Bred Temtems being Luma is the same as compared to Wild Temtems (barely one in 6,000). If one parent is Luma than this possibility increases ten times and if both parents are Luma then hundred times.

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