Temtem Capyre Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Learn all about the locations and tips on how to catch the fiery but cute Capyre in Temtem with the help of this detailed guide

Temtem has a number of creatures spread throughout its six islands. Some more dangerous than the others; these Temtem are yours to tame and put in your team. This guide will be discussing the details of Temtem Capyre Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats.

Temtem Capyre Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Capyre is a Fire-Type Temtem which has its skin on fire. The Temtem is a beauty to look at, and definitely one of the more formidable Fire-Type Temtems in the game.

With a fiery personality on the battlefield, Capyre is the perfect addition you need to your Fire-Type roster.

Capyre has the following base stats.

  • HP: 55
  • Stamina: 55
  • Speed: 88
  • Attack: 71
  • Defense: 68
  • Special Attack: 45
  • Special Defense: 47

Capyre has no further evolutions, but its pre-evolutionary form is Banapi, a much younger creature with a soft flame, but extremely dangerous nonetheless.

Capyre Locations
Capyre can be found in Anak Volcano on the Omninesia Island. Its pre-evolutionary form (Banapi) can be found in the following areas:

  • The Hangroad
  • The Glassyway
  • Anak Volcano

Capyre is able to learn the following techniques during its level progression. These techniques involve neutral, fire, and earth type attacks.

Technique Name Level Required Technique Type Damage
Kick 1 Neutral 32
Heavy Blow 4 Neutral 58
Warm Cuddle 7 Fire 53
Sand Splatter 8 Earth 35
Head Ram 13 Neutral 100
Embers 17 Fire 63
Rampage 23 Neutral (+Melee) 65
Fire Tornado 27 Fire 145
Heat Up 37 Fire
Extinction 45 Fire

Capyre can learn a total of two techniques through Technique Courses which are:

Technique Name TC# Technique Type Damage
Magma Cannon 4 Fire 70
Block 13 Melee

Capyre can learn one unique move through breeding.

Technique Name Technique Type Damage
Roar Neutral

Capyre has two traits that can turn the tides of battle very easily.

Last Rush – This trait will increase your Attack, Special Attack, and Speed by 50% if Capyre is the final standing Temtem.

Resilient – Capyre is immune to be knocked-out due to overexertion.

Capyre’s Type Defense

  • Neutral : 1x damage
  • Fire : 0.5x damage
  • Water : 2x damage
  • Nature : 0.5x damage
  • Electric : 1x damage
  • Earth : 2x damage
  • Mental : 1x damage
  • Wind : 1x damage
  • Digital : 1x damage
  • Melee : 1x damage
  • Crystal : 0.5x damage
  • Toxic : 1x damage

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