How To Get To Tingel Island Chasm In Zelda: TotK

You can enter the Depths through the Tingel Island chasm.

Tingel Island is a somewhat cut-off area east of Akkala Highlands in Zelda TotK, but that area still leads to the Depths through a Chasm. The Tingel Island chasm requires some extra work as you must do a bit of island-hopping to reach this place.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tingel Island Chasm location

Tingel Island Chasm is located on Tingel Island. The island is the northernmost island in the chain of small islands east of Tarrey Town. The exact coordinates for Tingel Island Chasm are 4706, 1306, and 0061.

To get to Tingel Island, players need to get to the Ulria Grotto. East of Ulria Grotto is a bridge that can lead you to Davdi Island in Totk, the southernmost island in the chain of islands here.

From Davdi Island depths, you must head north, crossing the islands through similar wooden bridges until you reach Tingel Island. The Tingel Island chasm is inside a small crack in the ground.

What to do in Tingel Island Chasm

The fall from the Zelda TotK Tingel Island Chasm into the Tingel Island Depths is quite simple. You just fall and land safely using your glider. There are no lightroots around the chasm, and the area is already lit enough for you to have ample visibility.

Tingel Island Depths are separated from the Depths of the rest of the Hyrule, so you cannot come here through any other means. The only reason for coming to the Tingel Island depths is to get the Cap of the Wind helmet in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Phantom Ganon guards this.


From your drop in the chasm, head south and through the cave system here. The depths follow the same map as the islands above. Seeing this, you want to go under Davdi Island. There are no enemies to hinder your progress.

However, you need Bomb flowers or Rock hammers to open the blocked areas. At the end of the cave system, in the depths, is a single chest containing the Cap of the Wind. You can exit the Tingel Island chasm after collecting the helmet.

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