The Horse Guard’s Request – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Honor the horse guard's request by capturing and riding a stalhorse and a deer.

The Horse Guard’s Request is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which allows you to find and tame unusual animals. To win the favor of Horse Guard Toffa, you must locate Stalhorses and wild animals and bring them back to him.

As Toffa is obsessed with all sorts of animals, we will help you satisfy your curiosity by finding unusual mounts in the game. Before we begin, collect some wood and flint to make a campfire.

Talk to Toffa in the Outskirts Stable

To start the House Guard’s side quest, talk to Toffa at the Outskirts Stable.

This stable is in Hyrule Field, southwest of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Toffa is mostly at his stable (-1441, -1252, 0032) near the horses if the weather is fine. In case of rain, you can meet him inside the stable.

Upon talking to Toffa, he will tell you about his fascination with Stalhorses and how he wants to see one. This will start the quest and be added to your journal.

Capture a Stalhorse

You can only complete this quest by capturing the animals the older man is so excited about. So, rush toward the location of each creature to achieve your objective.

Make your way north from the Stable and cross the Regencia River to reach the Sanadin Park Ruins. You must ensure that you visit these ruins at night before 5:00 a.m. as all the stalhorses vanish after this time.


You can find the Stalhorses between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Set up a campfire to pass the time until night.

You will encounter a few Stalhorses on the north side of the ruins near the horse statue. Get behind any of the horses while crouching and mount it. You do not have to worry about taming them, so rush back to the Toffa place.

Start a conversation with him to showcase the horse, and the first part of your quest will come to an end. Make sure you return before 5 a.m., or the stalhorse will die.

Capture any other Animal

Toffa, an admirer of animals, will ask you to find any other mountable animal except horses. So, you must complete his second request to complete the Horse Guard’s Request quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Make your way toward the bushes on the Stable’s backside and look for Deers. You will find one there. Move without making any sound, as Deers are quick on their feet and will run away in no time. So, having a Sneaky Elixir can come in handy in this situation.


Deer are extremely skittish and much harder to tame than horses. Make sure that you have enough stamina wheels to tame one.

Tame the deer and return to Toffa. Talk to him to complete the quest.

Quest Rewards

There are multiple rewards associated with this quest. You will receive a Purple Rupee (50 Rupees) for taming a Stalhorse and showing it to Toffa.

To find another animal besides the horses, Toffa will give you a Silver Rupee (100 Rupees) and a Pony Point as a reward.

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