How To Complete Natak Shrine In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Manipulate the planet's rotation to return the Green Crystal to Natak Shrine.

Natak Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a blessing shrine that requires players to complete a crystal quest to enter. Reaching this shrine successfully is a task in itself, as it is in the Akkala sky region. 

Like the rest of the Crystal shrines, Natak Shrine cannot be reattempted once it is completed. The only way to enter Natak Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and earn Rauru’s Blessing is to obtain the green crystal and return it to the Natak shrine’s entrance.

Natak Shrine Location in Zelda: TotK

The Natak Shrine (3669, 1488, 1157) is located in the Sokkala Sky Archipelago region to the North of the game’s map. To reach this shrine, fast-travel to Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and use it to get airborne. Turn southeast, and you will notice a giant sphere (planet-shaped body) in the air.

The Natak Shrine is on a floating island beside the large rotating sphere. The Island with Natak Shrine is impossible to reach by gliding. We recommend taking a detour and landing on a small island in the northeast.

On this Island, there is a Hovercraft construct with 4x fans attached to it. In addition, several batteries are lying around the Hovercraft. Attach the rest of the batteries to the Hovercraft using Ultrahand. Use the completed Hovercraft to fly toward the Large Sphere Island to the South.

When you reach the island next to the sphere, interact with the Natak Shrine to unlock the fast travel point and start the Sokkala Sky Crystal shrine quest.

Natak Shrine Walkthrough

After interacting with the Shrine, you are asked to bring the Shrine crystal to it, and a thin beam of green light will direct you toward the rotating sphere. The rotating sphere has the crystal you need to open the shrine.

1. The island on which the Shrine is also has a Zonai Dispenser Device and a Stone launcher. Use the Stone Launcher to get high up in the air.

2. Glide to enter the giant sphere via the opening.

3. The green crystal is inside the sphere, and you must return it to the Island. To do this, use Ultrahand to rotate the sphere by controlling the mechanism in the center.

4. Once the sphere’s hole faces the island, place the green crystal on the spring device. Hit the device to throw the crystal on the island with Natak Shrine.

5. Use the same spring to launch yourself out of the sphere and land on the island.

6. Pick up the green crystal and return it to the entrance of Natak shrine to complete the Sokkala Sky Crystal quest.

7. Enter the shrine and collect an Enduring Elixir from the treasure chest. Interact with Rauru and Sonia’s statues on the altar to collect Light of Blessing.

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