Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Momosik Shrine Walkthrough

Momosik Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the many shrines available on the map. You must complete the Hrine Trail to reveal this shrine’s location in Tears of the Kingdom. The hidden shrine locations sometimes confuse you. So we have prepared this guide to help you reveal and complete the Momosik shrine in Zelda TotK.

Where to find the Momosik Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Zelda TotK Momosik Shrine is on a plain near the east side of the Death Caldera Mountain in the Eldin Mountain Region.

You can head to the following coordinates to find the Momosik shrine in Zelda TotK: 3730, -2057, 0189

To reveal this shrine, you need to complete a quest. The shrine quest is The Death Caldera Crystal. You can initiate this quest inside the cave in the middle of Death Caldera Mountain. You must find the Green Crystal in Zelda TotK to complete the quest.

Find and defeat the Igneo Talus Boss inside the cave to get the crystal and use it to reveal the shrine. Once you have the crystal, place it on the shrine spot. This will reveal the Momosik shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Before you enter the shrine, you should have armor that has Heat resistance ability because you will be heading inside a volcano, and there is a lot of lava there.


No actual combat or puzzle trial is to be completed in Momosik shrine. Just head inside the shrine, open the chest to obtain a Big Battery, and interact with the statue to obtain the Light of Blessing orb.

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