Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Lake Hylia Crystal Shrine Quest Guide

The Lake Hylia Crystal Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom is amongst the prerequisites required to unlock the En-Oma Shrine.

Some Shrines like the En-Oma Shrine require you to complete a crystal shrine quest before you can enter the particular shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In this case, the quest is called “The Lake Hylia Crystal”, and it has a couple of prerequisites. Link needs to find and activate Popla Hills Skyview Tower and complete the “Tulin of Rito Village” main quest before attempting this shrine quest.

We have detailed guides for both. Once you have all of the prerequisites, you can follow this guide to complete “The Lake Hylia Crystal” shrine quest in Tears of the Kingdom without breaking a sweat.

How to start the Lake Hylia Crystal Shrine quest

Location of Lake Hylia Whirlpool Marked On the Map

Starting the Lake Hylia Crystal quest is going to be a child’s play. Inside The Lake Hylia Whirpool Cave, you will find the En-Oma Shrine.

You will notice that it isn’t like other shrines. That is because it hasn’t been activated yet. Approach the shrine and simply interact with it. This should do the trick.

We have marked the precise location of the whirlpool on the map given above. It is in the Faron region and its exact location is to the West of Farosh Hills and East of Hylia Island.


If the references don’t help you exactly then you can also follow these coordinates to reach the Whirlpool 0341, -2428, 0038.

To enter Lake Hylia Cave, simply jump into the lake and let the whirlpool do the rest. You will instantly be sucked inside when you are in close proximity. Inside the cave, you will find the En-Oma Shrine. Interacting with it will trigger the quest.

How to complete Lake Hylia Crystal in Zelda: TotK

Link Gliding Towards Faron Sky Archipelago

As soon as Link interacts with the En-Oma shrine, a green light will originate from the shrine’s platform. It will point straight upwards. Link will be tasked with finding the Green Crystal and offering it to the En-Oma shrine to receive Rauru’s Blessing.

Select “The Lake Hylia Crystal” shrine quest from the quest catalog to mark the location of the Green Crystal on your map. Fast travel to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. Use it to launch yourself into the sky so you can have an easier time reaching your destination.

Turn East and glide to reach Faron Sky Archipelago. To make things easier, you can fast Travel to Poople Foothills Skyview Tower located in the Pople Foothill Region. You can find the tower near Deya Lake.

Make sure to have Tulin’s avatar unlocked, by finishing the “Tulin of Rito Village” main quest, to use his Gust ability.

Link Standing In Front of the Lake Hylia Shrine Crystal in Faron Sky Archipelago

Beware of the Aerocuda enemies as they can knock Link down back to the ground. Make your way to the floating island marked on the map by using Tulin’s Gust ability.

Pick up the Green Crystal present on the altar and drop it through a hole in the ground. Follow the Green Crystal as it falls through the sky.

The Whirlpool will suck in the Green Crystal, once it falls into Lake Hylia. Make sure to dive to reach Lake Hylia as fast as possible. Follow the Green Crystal into Lake Hylia Whirlpool Cave.

Once both you and the crystal are inside the cave. Take it and offer it to the shrine. It will accept the crystal and with that, your Lake Hylia Crystal Shrine Quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be concluded.

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