Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Keys Born Of Water Guide

Keys Born of Water shrine quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is necessary to reveal the Jochisiu shrine and we can tell you how.

All the shrines in Zelda TotK are either found in the most obvious location or it’ll be protected by a certain shrine quest. The Keys Born of Water shrine quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of those quests that reveal the hidden Jochisiu shrine.

To help you complete the Zelda TotK Keys Born of Water shrine quest and unlock the shrine, we have prepared this handy guide with all the required details.

How to start Keys Born of Water shrine quest in Zelda TotK

The shrine quest, Keys Born of Water is picked up exactly from where the shrine entrance is. Jochisiu Shrine in Zelda TotK is in the West Necluda, South of the Squabble River. The coordinates for the shrine quest are (0933, -1903, 0300).

Talk to the Steward Construct in the area where the shrine entrance is supposed to be and that will start the shrine quest.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Keys Born of Water walkthrough

The shrine quest starts when you talk to the Steward Construct standing in beside the three diamond-shaped structures in the wall. To solve this quest, you need to put three ice blocks in all three structures to reveal the Jochisiu Shrine in Zelda TotK.

On the left side, there are several tools that’ll help you solve the puzzle. Since you will be needing fire to adjust the size of the ice blocks. Grab the flame emitter using Ultrahand and place it facing the campfire in front of the biggest diamond structure among all the three and hit it with your weapon to start the campfire.

Afterward, take a frost emitter using Ultrahand and attach it to a weapon. Use it on the Squabble River to create ice blocks. The moment the ice block fits in the first structure the first door will automatically go down leaving you with the other two ice structures.

Since, the frost emitter can only produce large blocks hence, the best way is to hold the ice structure above the fire and let it melt a bit to reduce its size. The ice block meltdowns in two formats so, you don’t have to calculate the exact shape.

The middle structure requires the 2nd largest ice block to open the door. After holding the ice block for a little time, you will notice the change in shape. Afterward, place the ice block in the middle diamond structure and the second door will be opened.

Repeat the same process for the third diamond structure but this time increase the heating time on the ice block. Place the ice block inside the third diamond structure and the Jochisiu shrine will reveal itself to you and Keys Born of Water quest will be completed in Zelda TotK.

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