How To Increase Inventory Capacity In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You start off with limited inventory capacity in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom but thankfully there is a way to increase that with korok seeds..

The open-world environment of Hyrule with hundreds of scary enemies demands you to keep with you as many weapons, shields, and bows as possible. For this reason, it becomes inevitable for every player to increase inventory capacity in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

If you have played Breath of the Wild, the process of increasing inventory pouch sizes in Zelda TotK is the same. However, if you are new or have forgotten, we are here to help explain how you can expand your inventory size in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to increase inventory capacity in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There is only one way to increase inventory size in Zelda TotK and that is by going to the Broccoli-looking Korok Hestu and completing a short side quest for him. This quest is nothing more than eliminating a few enemies that scared Hestu, and you have to do this only for the first visit to the Korok.

After this quest hassle, you can offer him Korok Seeds for gaining extra inventory slots.

You are required to gather several Korok Seeds and bring them to Hestu. He then performs a beautiful dance followed by exchanging the seeds with an additional weapon slot in your inventory.

tears of the kingdom inventory capacity

The 1st time you apply an increase in inventory slot will cost you 1 Korok seed. The next upgrade costs 2 seeds, while the third and fourth upgrades cost 3 and 5 seeds respectively. It is worth mentioning that the cost increment applies only to the category you have chosen for an upgrade.


For example, if you have increased the weapon slot 1 time, you won’t be asked to pay more Korok seeds for the same level of upgrade in bow stack. In effect, no inventory stack depends on other spaces.

Here is a list detailing the cost for each full-stack upgrade to provide you with an idea of the seeds you have to give up during the upgradation process.

Weapon stack: Spend 11 Korok seeds. Gain four upgrades for additional 11 slots

Bow stack: Spend 6 Korok seeds. Gain three upgrades for additional 6 slots

Shield stack: Spend 6 Korok seeds. Gain three upgrades for additional 6 slots

How to get Korok seeds

The Hyrule map consists of hundreds of Korok seeds for their usefulness. All you have to do is perform certain tasks in order to obtain Korok seeds, such as:

  • Help some Koroks in finding their families
  • Shoot flying balloon targets 
  • Complete Archery challenges after standing on leaf-marked podiums
  • Hit glowing flowers and catch the dropped Korok seeds

Where to find Hestu in Zelda TotK

This huge Korok Hestu prefers to reside in secluded areas where other species usually don’t tend to show up. If you have not visited Hestu even once, then he will meet you on the hill near Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. The place happens to be in the northwest of Central Hyrule.

After just a couple of upgrades, Hestu leaves for a new location. The 2nd time you want to visit the Korok, you have to travel all the way up to the southeast corner of Lookout Landing. There is no defined limit to when he will leave this place. But when he does change his location, this will be his last migration.

You can now expect to see him at the Korok Forest with his other Korok friends. This is Hestu’s final destination, in which he dwells for the rest of his life.

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