How To Get Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail is a rare and important upgrade material in Zelda: TotK.

Fire-Breath Lizalfos in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an enemy that drops the much sought-after Fire-Breath Lizalfos tail. This monster is found in areas that are hot and have high temperatures.

Its tail is required to upgrade two important armors in the game. It is hard to acquire and to do so; you need to know where to find the Fire-Breath Lizalfos first.

Once these monsters are killed, you can get the Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail, Lizalfos Talon, and Fire-Breath Lizalfos’ Horn. As the Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail drop rate is very low (25%), you will need to farm a lot of Fire Lizalfos to get the required amount.

Fire-Breath Lizalfos Farming Locations

The Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails are looted from Fire-Breath Lizalfos; you’ll need to find these enemies first and kill enough of them to get the tail. Here are the locations where you can encounter them.

Before proceeding, we recommend that you do the following.

  • Fuse a Sapphire with a weapon or use Ice Fruit with arrows to one-shot Fire Lizalfos.
  • Wear clothes that can save you from excessive heat and flame. Desert Voe and Flamebreaker Armors, respectively.
  • Save before each encounter. Reload and try again if you don’t get the Fire-Breath Lizalfos tails on the first attempt.

Eldin Canyon

You can farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail in the Eldin Canyon region of Eldin’s Flank. Eldin’s Flank is situated north of the Sibajitak Shrine at the coordinates (2398, 3269, 0402).


You will need Flamebreaker armor to survive the Eldin region.

Once you move towards the north, you will find Fire-Breath Lizalfos around the Eldin Canyon area and can farm their tails.

Alternatively, you can find more Lizalfos towards the east of this location, just above the north of Gut Check Rock. You can find them at the coordinates (2656, 3699, 0266). We have marked both locations on the map above.

More Fire-Breath Lizalfos will be in the same region, south of Death Mountain Chasm. This will be close to the Moshapin Shrine situated in Lake Intenoch Cave. You will find three more Fire-Breath Lizalfos inside.

Gerudo Highlands

The best region to farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos tails in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Gerudo Canyon.

You will encounter many of these enemies when you explore the caves during the Disaster in Gerudo Canyon side quest


Lizalfos in Gerudo Canyon changes into Ice-Breath Lizalfos during the night and Fire-Breath Lizalfos during the day. You must wait until 7:00 a.m. to farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos.

There are two regions in Gerudo Canyon with abundant Fire-Breath Lizalfos. Make sure to wear Desert Voe armor to survive the scorching heat. Flamebreaker armor won’t work here.

The first point of interest is the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Fast travel to its location and move southeast to find the first camp of Fire-Breath Lizalfos.

The next camp is to the west of Skyview Tower. To find the next camp, move Northeast of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. You will come across a few other Fire-Breath Lizalfos in your path.

Another camp is inside the Koukot Plateau cave west of the Rakakudaj Shrine. Cross the bridge to reach Mount Nabooru, where you will find three more camps, one inside Mount Nabooru Cave.


Wait for the blood moon so the Fire-Breath Lizalfos can respawn.

Once you are done in this area, fast-travel to Kitawak Shrine. It is southeast of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. It is in East gerudo Mesa. One Lizalfos camp is to its southwest, the next one is near Stalry Plateau, and the final one is north of Stalry Plateau.

You will find around 40 Fire-Breath Lizalfos roaming around in these camps. With luck and the save exploit method, you can quickly collect enough Fire-Lizalfos tails.

Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails Uses

Fire-Breath Lizalfos tails are required to upgrade Snowquill and Yiga armor sets. You need 39 Fire-Breath Lizalfos tails to upgrade the Snowquill armor fully and nine are required for the Yiga Clan armor set full upgrade.

To fully upgrade your armor sets, you must unlock the Great Fairy Fountains across Hyrule.

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