Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Fell Into A Well! Walkthrough

The "Fell Into a Well" side quest tasks you to repair a ladder for an NPC and get him out of a well in Tears of the Kingdom.

Fell Into a Well! is one of the many side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that require players to solve the problem at hand by putting different abilities to use.

Deep and spacious wells are newly introduced in Tears of the Kingdom and the Fell Into a Well quest requires you to help an NPC stuck in one of these wells. This side quest is as easy as a pie and you can finish it in a single step only.

Once you finish this quest, the NPC also rewards you with a Purple Rupee in exchange for helping him get out of the well. So, let us look into the exact location from where you get this quest.

How to start Fell Into a Well in Zelda: TotK

The Fell Into a Well side quest starts when you meet Dillie in a well on a hill near the Rebonae Bridge on the Hylia River in Tears of the Kingdom.

You will encounter this well at the side of the bridge most probably while going from the Crenel Peak to the Ranch Ruins or while heading north from the Wetland Stable.

This well is easier to locate as when you are close to it, you will observe a smoke signal coming out of it that you can simply follow to make your way to the well.

Due to its close proximity to the Rebonae Bridge, it is named the Rebonae Bridge Well and its exact location is marked on the map below at the coordinates x-axis 0791, y-axis 0007, and z-axis 0030.

Fell Into A Well quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you have reached the Rebonae Bridge Well, you need to jump inside to meet the quest-giver NPC Dillie.

He will be standing in front of you looking distressed. Hit ‘A’ to talk to him and he will inform you that he is stuck in the well due to his own negligence.

He dropped something in the well and jumped after it thinking that he has a ladder to go back up when needed. However, when he tried going up, his ladder broke into two leaving him stuck in the sunken well.

As soon as your conversation with Dillie ends, the Fell Into a Well side quest commences and you have to help Dillie by fixing his ladder.

How to complete Fell Into a Well in Zelda: TotK

First, you need to find the broken piece of the ladder lying on the ground near the campfire. Pick it up using Ultrahand ability, rotate it till it is in the proper orientation, and attach it with the other end of the ladder hanging from the top.

Fell into a Well walkthrough in Tears of the Kingdom

This will end the quest after which you and Dillie can climb the ladder to go back to the top. Once you both are out of the well, Dillie will thank you by rewarding you with a Purple Rupee and then continue his journey towards the Foothill Stable to apply for the Zonai Survey Team.

That is all that you have to do in the Fell Into A Well side quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

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