A Crabulous Deal Walkthrough – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Collect some crabs for the Crabulous Deal.

A Crabulous Deal is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The quest sees you collecting Bright-Eyed Crabs as demanded by the owner of the general store in Zora’s Domain called Cleff.

These crabs can easily be found nearby. They are one of the best sources of restoring your health when cooked into different recipes.

However, in this quest, you’ll be required to hand them over for a nice reward. You will need to collect 10 in total. Below we will be showing you how to complete A Crabulous Deal side quest in Zelda: TotK.

Talk to Cleff at Coral Reef

To start A Crabulous Deal side quest, you need to be in Zora’s Domain. You must ensure that you have completed the Sidon of the Zora questline first and cleared the area of sludge falling from the sky.

After completing the quest, visit the main general store in Zora’s Domain, The Coral Reef, and talk to the owner, Cleff. His coordinates are (3321, 0486, 0139).

Once you talk to Cleff, he will assign you to find 10x Bright-Eyed Crabs and bring them to him. In return, he will offer you a Sapphire as a reward.

Collect Bright-Eyed Crabs from Zora’s Domain

Once you have talked to Cleff, head over to the pond on the left to find the first two Bright-Eyed Crabs. Head up the stairs and take a left to follow the bridge to find the next crab next to the pillar.


Bright-eyed crabs can be identified by their silver bodies with blue and yellow eyes. These crabs are native to Lanayru Region, and you can find them in abundance here.

Glide down to the Mogawak Shrine below and find the next two crabs. By now, you should have 5, so you need only five more to complete the quest.

Swim to the island next to the Shrine to find two more Bright-Eyed crabs. For the remaining Bright-Eyed Crabs, head over to the area marked on the map below at the coordinates (3325, 0489, 0139).

Head up the staircase right to the Shrine and find the rest of the crabs up the stairs near the waterway.

Quest Reward

Once you have collected ten Bright-Eyed Crabs, return to Cleff at the Coral Reef. Hand over the crabs and get your reward, which will be a Sapphire. This completes A Crabulous Deal side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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