Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Cave Mushrooms That Glow Walkthrough

“Cave Mushrooms That Glow” is one of the many side quests in which you can marvel at the beautiful level design of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In this quest, you will be exploring underground caves to gather Brightcaps for Meghyn and Nat, two campers you will come across outside a cave.

Here is where you can find the cave entrance to start this quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to start Cave Mushrooms That Glow in Zelda: TotK

Cave Mushrooms That Glow quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

You can find these NPCs towards the south side of the Tama Pond. Keep moving until you reach the entrance of the Brightcap Cave at these precise coordinates (-2993, 1662, 0199) in Zelda: TotK.

There you will find two campers that are arguing over something so you can approach them Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The names of these two NPCs will be Meghyn and Nat. Meghyn will be the little sister with the bowl cut whereas the other one will have regular short hair. Both of them will be dressed in full camping attire.

How to complete Cave Mushrooms That Glow in Zelda: TotK

Once you find both Meghyn and Nat outside the cave entrance, you can simply go and interact with them.


This way you will learn that Meghyn is scared of going into the cave before them as she fears the creatures inside. Whereas Nat isn’t that scared and is insisting that they go in and get 10 Brightcaps.

After this conversation, the side quest “Cave Mushrooms That Glow” will be made available for you to start in Tears of the Kingdom.

Brightcaps are basically purple mushrooms that can glow in the dark. You can spot the first one on the cave wall ahead of you so simply jump off the ledge and climb the wall to get the first Brightcap in Totk.

Cave Mushrooms That Glow Brightcaps in Tears of the Kingdom

Similarly, you will find two more down on the right side of the cave, so take your time to salvage these as well in Tears of the Kingdom.

After that, you can go further inside the cave and find more of these Brightcaps that you can further collect. However, you need to be aware of the small creatures lurking in the cave as well.

Since they can pounce at you and attack you as well. Their attack might not be that damaging but they can be irritating to deal with. So it is up to you whether you can simply dodge them and continue moving forward or kill them and then move on.

Apart from the brightcaps that you come across in this cave, you will also find Brightbloom seeds in the surrounding as well in TotK.

Moreover, after going further into the cave you will notice two glowing crystals on the top side. So climb the wall and slash these crystals with your weapon. This way you will receive the Luminous Stone in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Similarly, if you delve deeper into the cave you will come across a small hut that resembles somewhat a shrine, but its entrance will be covered in thorns.

So you can use fire to remove the thorns and enter it to find a chest lying there. After opening the chest you will receive a Frostbite Shirt which will be added to your inventory in Totk.

Next, you can keep exploring the cave and after collecting all 10 brightcaps you can return back to the entrance of the cave to meet with Nat and Meghyn in Tears of the Kingdom.

After they exchange some dialogues, you will be presented with the option to give them the brightcaps.

So once you select that option and hand over the 10 brightcaps to them, they will be overjoyed, and Nat will give you the Spicy Tomato Mushroom Stew dish as a reward in return.

At the end of the discussion, they will say their goodbyes and the side quest Cave Mushrooms That Glow will be marked as complete for you in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.