Tales of Arise Grand Gnome Boss Guide

Grand Gnome is the boss of the Spirit Temple sub-quest in Tales of Arise. In this guide, we'll be getting...

Grand Gnome is the boss of the Spirit Temple sub-quest in Tales of Arise. In this guide, we’ll be getting you up to speed with everything you need to know about this boss, including where to find it and how to defeat it.

Tales of Arise Grand Gnome Boss

In order to fight the Grand Gnome Boss, you must have overcome the 5th Lord in Ganath Haros realm beforehand.

With that out of the way, head to the Traslida Highway in Menancia, and there, you’ll find a man right next to a white merchant cart. Talk to him to get this sub-quest.

He’ll send you to Tietal Plains. Once there, move through the portal in front. That’ll lead you to a dungeon.

When inside the dungeon, move from one portal to the next one until you arrive in the boss’s room. Grand Gnome is enormous in size, and defeating it is going to require some effort from your side.

Below, we’ve outlined every step of your way in the boss fight. So, let’s begin!

How to Defeat Grand Gnome

As soon as the battle begins, Grand Gnome will cause a boulder-shaped minion of his to spawn to distract you while he attacks you with his orbs.

Just doge the orbs and consistently attack his minion. Use Luna Ronda to continuously slice it down and First Aid when you need to heal.

Finally, when around 10% of its HP is left, hit it with Flaming Swing and Orochi’s Galeforce Fury to finish it off.

Once his minion is down, Grand Gnome will cause Vas Phein to spawn.

Fighting Vas Phein

Vas Phain basically resembles a phoenix. It has a substantial HP and takes a good amount of time to be taken down.

Vas Phain will mostly attack you with its pointy nose. Occasionally, it will also hover in the air, power up, and shoot you with bursts of aura. It’s also worth mentioning that while you’re fighting Vas Phein, Grand Gnome will continue to strike you with his orbs.

The key in this battle is to keep on hitting Vas Phain with Luna Ronda and Howling Azure Storm and, when it goes in the air, with Air Thrust.

Note that you will also need to use quite a lot of life bottles, as well as the abilities, such as Revitalize and Healing Circle, because your crew is going to be dealt with hefty damage.

Anyhow, given that you persistently attack Vas Phain, its HP will continue to fall. Once its HP is approximately below 10%, perform the Flaming Swing attack to finish it off.

Once Vas Phain is taken care of, shift your focus to Grand Gnome.

Hit the boss repeatedly with Luna Rondo, followed by a final blow of Supreme Altar, to dispatch it once and for all.

You’ll receive a message on the top-right of your screen, notifying you that you’ve defeated the boss and earned the Quaking Continent Trophy.