Tales of Arise Characters Guide

In this guide, we'll be giving you a glimpse into the world of Tales of Arise and a brief introduction to all the characters you'll be meeting

Tales of Arise is the 17th addition to the Tales Series. In this Tales of Arise Characters guide, we’ll be discussing the details regarding the main characters; mainly protagonists found in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Characters

Tales of Arise takes place in the world of Dahna and Rena. This division of worlds gives you an opportunity to explore and meet newer characters.

Tales of Arise opens with two main Protagonists, Alphen and Shionne. Both from different worlds i.e: Dahna and Rena, respectively.

Apart from the main protagonists, there are also other characters starring alongside our two main heroes, making a total of 6 playable characters in Tales of Arise.


Alphen is the main protagonist from Dahna in Tales of Arise. He lost his memory and the sense of pain. He carries a standard sword with him but also possesses a Blazing Sword which he got from Shionne.

He occasionally uses his Blazing Sword with the help of his Flaming Edge ability which allows him to deal a good amount of damage at the expense of his own HP.


The second main protagonist in Tales of Arise is residing in Rena. Shionne joins with Alphen to take on her own world.

Shionne carries a Rifle with her and also is an expert in astral artes; a form of sorcery.

With the help of her Blast Sniper ability, she can boost the overall power of her bombs by firing special ammunition.


A playable character in Tales of Arise from Dahna. What makes Rinwell so special is the fact that even though she’s from Dahna, she is capable of using astral artes.

Despite using the book that she holds to shoot projectiles, she heavily focuses on her astral artes instead.

With her Magic Charge ability added into the mix, she’s capable of performing hard-hitting combos since she can delay the trigger to her astral artes and use it along with her attacks.


His name gives away his occupation as Law is a policeman (Bureau of Observation) in Rena, who belongs to Dahna, Calaglia.

Law uses his police force training in battles as he’s well known for combat with his fists. With the addition of his Gauntlets, he lands some devastating blows to his opponents.

In case he’s under enemy attack, he uses his Awakening Ability to increase his Attack and Elemental Attack.


A soldier from Dahna who works for Dohalim il Qaras. She is considered to be the strongest soldier in Dahna.

She carries a Shield and a Mace with her and since she’s an army officer, she uses her weapon in the most violent fashion anyone can imagine.

Her Guard Ignition ability helps her guard attacks rather than dodging them with exception of a few artes.

Dohalim il Qaras

Dohalim il Qaras is a man from Rena who shows kind gestures towards the people of Dahna, making him a peace-loving character.

However, despite being peaceful, Dohalim can become violent with the Rod he carries and since he’s from Rena, he’s capable of using his weapons as Boomerangs that shoot astral energy out of them.

He’s also an expert in Ariel combat and with his Rod Extension ability, he can deal damage with his rod even at long-range.

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