Tales of Arise Edna Boss Guide

In Tales of Arise, you will meet and fight Edna in the post-game part of the game. Edna, who happens...

In Tales of Arise, you will meet and fight Edna in the post-game part of the game. Edna, who happens to be Eizen’s sister, is a challenging boss. In this guide, we have explained how to defeat the Edna Boss in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Edna Boss

When you meet Edna in the Cavern of Fate Shallows in the Otherworld, a cutscene will play in which she will challenge you and your group to a fight. Edna’s main weapon is her Umbrella. Her main Artes uses rocks in the attacks.

Edna’s attacks include Rock Trigger, Gravitrigger, and Quake Trigger. Most of her attacks are triggered when she reaches specific hit counts, which are achieved by her other attacks.

To defeat Edna, keep performing different combo attacks at her. She has a big HP bar as she is a boss, so just keep on chipping off her health bar using different attacks until it is depleted completely to defeat her.

Against Edna, use Dohalim’s Solitary Captivity attack as she will be vulnerable to it.

Dolahim’s Raging Luna Storm, followed by Solitary Captivity, will be a really effective attack against Edna. Use the Scarlet Outburst attack, which will deal a lot of damage to Edna.

Make sure that you use different character’s healing abilities to heal the squad.

Use the Divine Phoenix Cyclone team combo attack when you can, as it will take a big chunk of Edna’s HP. Beware of Edna’s Shooting Star attack, as getting hit by hit will cause you a lot of damage.

Another powerful attack that you can use is Estelle’s Blazing Pillar. After you defeat her, another cutscene will play.

You will be rewarded with 1x Symphony Key and 1x Diablo Nox for winning the dual. This will be the end of your first fight with Edna.

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