Tales of Arise Eizen Boss Guide

In Tales of Arise, you will face off against Eizen and his sister Edna in the post-game section. First, you will have to fight against Edna before dealing with Eizen. In this guide, we have the Tales of Arise Eizen Boss guide for you.

Tales of Arise Eizen Boss

Eizen can be found at the Dragon Slumber Mountain in the Otherworld. Once you spot Eizen during the post-game, a cutscene will play in which your group will converse with Eizen. After the cutscene ends, the fight with Eizen will start. Eizen will have multiple attacks up his sleeve.

Eizen has close-range attacks with mana-boosted punches that can reach you up to mid-range. He can also strike from a distance with Malak Artes centered on Wind and Earth, as opposed to Magilou’s focus on Fire and Water elements.

One of his attacks is Draconic Drive, which will allow him to use his dark wing to fly and hit you with energy attacks. His Perfect Mayhem attack unleashes a flurry of punches at you. Make sure to dodge these attacks.

In order to defeat Eizen, keep performing different combo attacks at him. He has a big HP bar as he is a boss, so keep on chipping off his health bar using different attacks until it is depleted completely to defeat him.

After you defeat him, another cutscene will play. This will be the end of the fight, and you will receive 1x Scarlet Night Key and 1x Demon’s Cry.

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