How To Get Worker Jacket And Worker Hat In Stray

We’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you how to get the Worker Jacket and Hat in Stray to disguise Blazer.

When you reach Midtown in Stray, one of your first objectives of the chapter will be to retrieve an Atomic Battery from the Midtown Factory. But to sneak inside, you’ll need an appropriate disguise, which is in the form of a Worker Jacket and Worker Hat.

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you how to get the Worker Jacket and Hat in Stray.

Where To Find Clementine

After arriving in Midtown, the first thing you’ll need to do is find Momo’s friend, Clementine. Finding her is a very straightforward process – you just need to ask around until you find someone that knows where she is.

When you finally find Clementine and talk to her, she’ll give you the task of sneaking inside the factory and retrieving an Atomic Battery for her.

As you can expect, it can be very difficult to complete this task. The most difficult part about this mission is actually sneaking into the factory itself. To get inside, you’ll need to disguise your Robot friend, Blazer, in a Worker Jacket and Worker Hat.

Where To Find The Worker Jacket

The Worker Jacket can be found on display at the Clothing Store. However, when you try to steal it, the owner will scold you until you leave.

Instead of stealing the Worker Jacket, go inside the store and head into the changing rooms. You’ll notice a cassette player inside the room. This cassette player can be used to play loud music, which will distract the shop owner, but you’ll need to find a cassette for it first.

For that, leave the store and talk to Simon in the Residential district (a robot with the white jacket). He’ll give you a cassette player, but only if you disable the three security cameras in his area.

The three cameras you need to destroy are all present on the second floor. You’ll find some robots shouting directly at the cameras, so they’ll be very easy to spot.

To reach the cameras in Stray, you need to go up a floor and jump onto them from above. Once you’ve jumped down onto a camera, you just need to jump back up and the camera will be destroyed.

After destroying the three cameras, go back to Simon and he’ll reward you with the cassette tape.

Now with the cassette in hand, return to the Clothing Store and put it in the cassette player. It will start playing loud music, which will distract the owner. This will make the owner leave the display area to go turn off the cassette player. Now that the coast is clear, you can go back to the front of the store and steal the Worker Jacket.

Where To Find The Worker Hat

You need to first head to the Hat Shop in the middle of Midtown. This may seem like a very easy thing to do, but things get more difficult when you realize that the owner will not allow you to enter through the main door as the store is being restocked with new deliveries.

The delivery man that’s supposed to be delivering new products to the store is out getting drunk at the bar. So you need to head to the bar and make your way over to the room at the very back.

You’ll find a drunk robot taking a nap in this room. You’ll see a crate of beer on the shelf right above the sleeping robot. Make your way up to the shelf using the stepladder and then push the crate, so it drops on the robot.

The robot will then wake up and go finish the deliveries. Head back to the Hat Shop, and you’ll see this robot putting boxes down onto the ground, which its partner will then pick up and take into the shop.

All you need to do now is jump inside one of the boxes, and you’ll be transported into the shop. Once you’re inside the shop and the robot has left, steal the Worker Hat and then knock over the grate to escape the store.

Now that you have your disguise ready return to Blazer and proceed with the mission.