Stray Camera Locations & How To Get Cassette Tape

When exploring Midtown in Chapter 10, you will have to take care of some privacy problems in Stray. The Sentinels...

When exploring Midtown in Chapter 10, you will have to take care of some privacy problems in Stray.

The Sentinels have installed security cameras in the Residential Area to keep an eye on everyone and the resident robots are not liking that at all.

Your task will be to find the camera locations and get rid of them. There are three cameras to find in the area. The following guide will show you how and where.

Where To Find The Residential Area Cameras In Stray

You will get the quest to locate the Residential Area cameras the moment you enter Midtown in Chapter 10. Completing the quest is important because the robots will give you a cassette tape in return for dismantling the security cameras. That could prove vital in finding Clementine.

Simon is a robot who can be found in the apartment complex to begin the camera quest. He is wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, so you cannot miss him.

Note that to destroy a security camera, you must jump on it a couple of times to make it fall down.

Camera #1
You will find the first camera on the second floor. Get to the window near the stairs that go to the third floor. There should be potted plants near the window to tell you that you have the right window. The first camera will be next to it.

Camera #2
The second camera will require you to head to the third floor. You will have to go towards the handrails and from there, jump onto the frame of screens. You will find the camera just below the railings. Look closely to get the location correct.

Stray Security Camera #2

Camera #3
Head back to the second floor and then jump to the handrails. There will be an AC mounted on the wall nearby. Jump on top of that AC from the handrails to find the third and last camera.

You can also figure out the location of the third camera by noticing where Mileo, the robot, is looking up at.

Stray Security Camera #3

Where To Find Cassette Tape

Once you have destroyed all three security cameras, return to Simon who will be waiting for you in the lobby of the apartment complex.

Speak with him to confirm that you have completed his task. He will thank you for your efforts and give you the cassette tape.

You will need the cassette player to play music to distract the storeowner of a clothing shop. That will give you an opportunity to steal a worker jacket and a worker helmet so that you can enter the Midtown Factory in disguise to retrieve an Atomic Battery.

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