Stray Plant Locations Guide

When you get to Antvillage in Stray, a robot named Malo will ask you to gather three rare flowers for her. These plants are for her rare flower collection and to show her gratitude, she will reward you with one of the Badge collectibles that you have to find in the game.

When you get the quest, you will start looking for all of the plant locations in Antvillage. Thankfully, you will not have to go far. Chances are that you already saw them when making your way to Malo.

The following guide will point out all of the plant locations for the yellow, purple, and red plants in Stray.

How To Find The Yellow, Purple, Red Plants In Stray

You can find all three colored plants in and around Antvillage.

Yellow Plant Location

The yellow plant is the first and the most near to your location once you have spoken with Malo. Make your way back down to Zbaltazar. Now on this same level, head to the back of the tower.

You will come across a couch and next to it, a bar. Jump over the pipe railing to find and pick the yellow plant from the ledge.

Purple Plant Location

Once you have the yellow plant, make your way further down to a lower level. You will come across a tree branch by a man. Simply walk across the tree branch to find and pick the purple plant.

Red Plant Location

For the third and last red-colored plant, descend all the way down the tower. You need to search for a bucket near the mahjong players at the bottom level of the tower.

Jump into the bucket to ride all the way down. Now just walk towards the barrels to pick up the red plant to complete your collection.

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