How To Level Up Fast In Steelrising

There is no need to go in blind. Steelrising may be inspired by the Souls-like formula but does stand on...

There is no need to go in blind. Steelrising may be inspired by the Souls-like formula but does stand on its own two mechanical feet with a few unique twists.

There are beginner tips that players new to the Souls games should know, including how to level up your character and fast in Steelrising.

There is more to here than just mindlessly killing enemies for experience points. The following guide will run you through the leveling mechanics of Steelrising and tell you how you can improve your character to become god-like early on.

How to level up your character in Steelrising

Unlike most Souls-like games, leveling up in Steelrising does not require you to kill the main bosses or find unique items.

You need to find a Vestal or Horseless Carriage to be able to access Upgrades, Boutique, and Equipment. Select the Upgrades option to see your current stats, how they can be improved, and how much Anima Essence is required for each upgrade.

You can then spend your Anima on one of the following attributes:

  • Power
  • Durability
  • Agility
  • Engineering
  • Vigour
  • Elemental Alchemy

Best stats to level up first

There are two stats that you can prioritize to become overpowered in the early game.

Increasing the Agility stat can help you launch strong immobilization attacks at enemies which you can use to your advantage by blowing them up with speed and deadly attacks. This way the Anima production is increased by taking more kills.

Investing in the power stat helps boost the normal and special attack power while using the Power affinity weapons. This can further extend the kill chances and ultimately the Anima.

How to level up fast in Steelrising

Kill everything that moves

The most obvious way is to farm as much Anima Essence as possible to be able to unlock the maximum upgrades. You can gain Anima Essence in a number of ways, primarily of which is by simply completing the main storyline, defeating bosses and mini-bosses, and exploring the maze-like maps.

Explore every nook and cranny

There are always certain areas that are blocked off at the start such as locked gates and rooftops. You can gain access to them with abilities you get from defeating bosses. Return to these blocked areas to open new areas which are often hiding loot and Anima Essence.

Implant the bonus Anima module

Modules are specific to the build that the players are playing within Steelrising but you can ignore that at the start to boost your leveling process.

There is a module that gives you a bonus Anima Essence for every kill in the game. Make sure to implant that module as early as possible.

Spread out your stats for more bonuses

Note that upgrading stats past level 10 gives reduced improvements and bonuses. It is far better to spread out your stats to gain more bonuses that will help increase your combat and power rating early on in the game. This will make sure that you can defeat any bosses or mini-bosses with ease for their precious loot.

Spreading out your stats is how you become overpowered in the early game.

Invest points into Engineering

Putting some points into the Engineering skill early on will net more loot from each kill than usual. This loot multiplier skill works in tandem with the Anima bonus module.

More loot means that you have more to sell for more Anima to use in the chair for more upgrades.

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