Steelrising Tips Beginners Should Know

Steelrising is a new take on the Souls formula with a few unique game mechanics. While players coming in from...

Steelrising is a new take on the Souls formula with a few unique game mechanics. While players coming in from Elden Ring, Dark Souls, or Souls-like games will have a fair idea of how Steelrising is meant to be played, there are still a few tips and tricks that can make your progression easier, especially for beginners.

The following guide will point out a few important points that every player should know before jumping into Steelrising.

Steelrising tips and tricks beginners should know

Farm as much Anima Essence as possible

Killing enemies will grant you a resource known as Anima Essence. It’s essentially a currency that is used to upgrade your character.

If you pick up enough Anima Essence, you can increase an attribute of your choice at a Vestal. Once you have sufficient Anima Essence to make an attribute upgrade, the blue flame on the bottom left of your screen will turn a yellowish-green flame.

Recover your Anima Essence after death

Anima Essence acts in the same way runes act in Elden Ring. On death, you will drop all your unused Anima Essence.

Make sure to recover it after spawning by going to the point you died. However, if you die before recovering your Anima Essence, you will lose it all.

Therefore, we highly recommend upgrading your attributes as soon as you get enough Anima Essence to you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Grenades are very effective

Always have a few grenades at your disposal as they will absolutely come in handy in a sticky situation.

In Steelrising,  grenades are very strong or even a little bit too strong in our opinion. If you want to take all difficulty out of the game, buy as many grenades as possible and lob them at any enemy that you find difficult to face. This strategy is way too effective.

Return to open locked gates

As you progress further through a district, you will come across some locked gates. Take note of their locations.

Make sure that you explore all the passages that you find as they might lead to the other side of these locked gates to unlock them. Once unlocked, they act like shortcuts that help you a lot in traversing the map.

You will need to have the Alchemist’s Ram to open locked gates.

Keep an eye on your Compass

Steelrising’s maps are complex mazes that new players might find difficult to navigate. It is easy to get yourself lost in these maps.

To solve this problem, you have a compass in your inventory. Sometimes you might just be overlooking a ledge that you have to jump, and the compass will reveal this to you.

Leave the compass on your quick slot bar and don’t forget that you have it.

Learn how to Counterattack/Parry

Steelrising has a parry system which works a bit differently compared to the Souls or Souls-like games.

There are only certain weapons that can parry enemy attacks. If you manage to get them, you will be able to do what the game calls a counterattack, deflecting an enemy attack to stagger them while doing damage.

Use stealth attacks to start fights

Steelrising offers stealth as an option to approach an enemy. You’ll learn to perform stealth attacks in the tutorial but don’t forget to do them in the actual game.

Stealth attacks deal a ton of damage and sometimes outright kill the enemy. While approaching multiple enemies, we recommend starting your fight with a stealth attack to get a head start.

Prioritize Endurance for the early game

When upgrading your character, you should put your points into endurance first and foremost. This is your stamina which you use while swinging your weapon.

You will never regret investing in endurance in the early game as it you will not be penalized as heavily for missing your attacks.

Upgrade your Oil Burette for better heals

Oil Burette is how you heal in Steelrising. Considering the game’s Souls-like combat, healing is how you manage to survive most boss fights. Hence, make sure to find all Oil Burette upgrade locations to improve your healing potions.

Level up your attributes based on your weapons

Every class starts out with a different weapon type but you can later change your weapons to get ones from the other classes.

Always keep an eye on what weapon you are equipping because they rely on different attributes. You need to level up the attributes linked to your current weapon. Leveling up the wrong attributes after changing weapons will not give your character any advantages.

For example, if you have a light weapon that only scales off agility, putting points in power is useless. Hence, pay attention to your equipped weapon while leveling your character.

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