Steelrising: How To Defeat The Alchemist Of Luxembourg

The Alchemist of Luxembourg is probably one of the more difficult bosses you will face in Steelrising. He has a...

The Alchemist of Luxembourg is probably one of the more difficult bosses you will face in Steelrising. He has a variety of attacks that can target you at all ranges. He is also faster than most bosses, both in his mobility and his projectile speed.

The Alchemist of Luxembourg waits for you on the Luxembourg Palace grounds, inside the courtyard across the gardens. Defeating him will reward you with the Alchemist’s Ram ability, which you need to break down otherwise unbreakable walls and gates.

The following guide will show you how to avoid all of the Alchemist’s attacks and defeat him with ease in Steelrising.

The Alchemist of Luxembourg boss fight phases

Phase #1
The moment you jump into the arena, the Alchemist of Luxembourg will charge you with a vicious attack. If you keep running straight at him, you will get caught. Hence, make sure to run diagonally after entering the arena.

The Alchemist will often fire a cannonball at you if you keep running away. Once you see him reach for the cannon on his back, dodge to the side to avoid the splash damage.

Another ranged attack is where he lobs vials at you that cover the area in flames upon impact. These will easily eat around 30 percent of your health.

When you enter his melee range, the Alchemist will try to stomp you with his foot before circling for a sweep attack. If you manage to avoid the stomping attack, make sure to retreat to avoid the follow-up sweep as well.

Expect the Alchemist to switch between his stomp and a couple of similar attacks that he does with either his left or right arm. The right-arm one will be a pounding attack that will knock you back. The left-arm attack will try to bash your skull in.

You can circle this boss to deal damage but with the sweeping attacks in the bag, you will need to be ready to retreat.

The better and quick method, if you are game, is to quickly get behind the Alchemist as soon as he starts winding for one of his melee attacks. This boss tends to stay still for a couple of seconds after doing every attack. Hence, circle behind him to catch him in his animation to deal a ton of melee damage.

Phase #2
When you have dropped the Alchemist to 30 percent health, he will enter the second phase of the fight. He will do a massive lightning explosion and mark an area of the arena. You need to stay away from that as well as the boss to avoid both damage sources.

Another new attack that you need to watch out for in the second phase is when the Alchemist will raise his foot for seemingly a stomp attack. Notice that this will be his left leg. When that happens, immediately retreat. The Alchemist will pound the arena to do fire damage around him that will do a ton of damage with each pound.

Beyond that, the second phase is pretty similar to the first one. You can expect the Alchemist to do far more damage with each hit though.

How to use the Alchemist’s Ram

The Alchemist’s Ram ability is mainly used for breaking through walls and gates that are marked with a green lock.

Much like the Bishop’s Hook and Selenite Momentum abilities, the Alchemist’s Ram opens up new areas. Hence, make sure to return to previous areas/regions to access them with your new abilities.

Additionally, you can use Alchemist’s Ram to perform fire alchemical attacks in combat at the cost of Alchemical Capsules.

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