State of Decay 2 Zombies Guide – Zombie Types, Attack Patterns, How To Defeat (Combat Tips)

In this State of Decay 2 Zombies Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about different types of zombies/enemies in State of Decay 2 and how to deal with them effectively.

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There are various different types of zombies found in State of Decay 2. Some of them are quite harmless and can be dealt with on your own whereas others are so difficult that it is simply in your best interests to avoid them. This State of Decay 2 Zombies Guide will help you figure all of that out.

Our State of Decay 2 Zombies Guide will tell you everything there is to know about the zombies and their various different types in State of Decay 2 along with how to deal with all of them effectively.

State of Decay 2 Zombies

There are a total of six different zombie types in State of Decay 2. They are Screamer, Bloater, Armored, Plague, Feral, and Juggernauts. All of these behave differently and have different stats.

You need to change your strategy and your playstyle whenever you face a different kind of zombie because some weapons that are effective against one zombie type may be completely useless against the other.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the various different zombie types, how they are different and how to deal with them.

How to Defeat Zombies

Here are the various different zombie types:

Screamer cannot really attack you since it does not have any arms. However, do not take the Screamer easy since it serves as an alarm for other zombies to enter the area.

It is best to take out a Screamer before you take out anyone else in the area. It is easy to take them out using a weapon or your car to run them over. Charging at it may stun you that will leave you vulnerable to other zombies.

This zombie has a huge belly and it releases a toxic cloud upon its death that can easily take out humans. For that reason, only take out a Bloater with a weapon from afar as being up close is like digging your own grave.

Do not run them over either since they will emit the gas and it will enter your car, forcing you and the other survivors to get out of it.

Armored Zombies
Only use melee weapons for this zombie as firearms will not do much damage.

Feral Zombies
These zombies have yellow skin and a lot of agility. Jump to avoid its attack and then counterattack since it will be vulnerable after it leaps at you. Quickly perform a finishing move when it is on the ground. Alternatively, simply run this zombie over to take it out.

This zombie is by far the strongest. It is almost impossible to kill this zombie on your own. Hitting it with a car won’t really do much damage either so it is best to completely avoid this zombie.

If you do have to face it, then have as many survivors with you as you can to make things a little easier for you. Use firearms with large calibers or explosives for maximum effect.

Plague Zombies
This zombie is found near Blood Plagues and it can infect you that will require a crafted medicine or the character will turn into a zombie.

Try to take them out with a car or from afar, and remember to collect the samples that they drop after dying to create the aforementioned medicine.

That is all we have for our State of Decay 2 Zombies Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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