State of Decay 2 Plague Hearts Guide

In this State of Decay 2 Plague Hearts Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about what Plague Hearts in State of Decay 2 are and how to destroy them in the game.

Destroying the Plague Hearts plays an important role in State of Decay 2. Destroying them will make your life a whole lot easier since you will have fewer enemies to deal with. However, destroying them will not be easy, and this State of Decay 2 Plague Hearts Guide is here to help you with it.

Our SoD 2 Plague Hearts Guide will explain what the Plague Hearts are and how you can destroy them.

State of Decay 2 Plague Hearts

Plague Hearts are essentially heaps of flesh that are found all over the world. The reason why they are so important is that a lot of the zombies float around these Plague Hearts. There are 10 Plague Hearts on each map in the game

The strongest of all of the zombies, known as Plague Zombies, also seem to prefer hanging around these Plague Hearts.

The major problem is that as soon as you defeat a Plague Heart, all of the remaining ones get stronger.

In order to destroy a Plague Heart, you will need to go in heavily armed as the enemies here are going to be some of the strongest in the game.

Let’s go ahead and see how to destroy a Plague Heart.

How to Destroy Plague Hearts

To destroy Plague Hearts, you can use melee weapons but that is not the best option since you will tire yourself out and the zombies will overwhelm you; and the Plague Heart itself will release a damaging pulse attack.

The best way to defeat a Plague Heart is to grab a car and honk your horn outside the building to draw in the zombies.

Once they are out, you can run them over to take them out all at once.

The zombies will drop a Blood Plague sample, which can be used to create the Plague Cure. Take all of them and head into the building.

Once you are in, you can shoot the plague heart or use an explosive.

Remember that shooting it will draw the attention of more zombies who will probably come and fight you.

A C4 explosive, on the other hand, will wipe it out completely. Since C4 is incredibly rare in the game, an alternative is to craft a few Soda Can Bombs and use them to wipe the Plague Heart out.

Alternatively, you can also try using Molotov Cocktails or one of the more powerful variants of the aforementioned bombs e.g. Fuel Canisters or Pipe Bombs.

Using enough explosives will quickly wipe out the plague heart and is your best option for eradicating them out as opposed to conventional firearms or melee attacks.

If you eliminate all the Plague Hearts, a Legacy quest-line will be opened.

Plague Heart Locations
There are several different ways to discover the location of a Plague Heart.

Do note that once your character sees a Plague Heart, it’ll show up permanently on the map and you can then track them as a waypoint by pressing A.

  • Survey Points are probably the best way to find Plague Hearts. Get on top of a Survey Point, go into aim mode and put your crosshair over the ‘?’ icons you see to reveal what they are. One of these may be a Plague Heart.
  • Keep an eye out for Plague Zombies. These zombies usually have eyes that glow bright red and are covered in blood. If you see a lot of them in one spot, then it means that a Plague Heart is nearby.
  • The buildings where the Plague Hearts reside are surrounded by a noticeable red fog.
  • While you’re travelling with some survivors, there’s a chance they’ll give you a clue on the whereabouts of a Plague Heart.
  • You can request The Network for the location of a Plague Heart if your Command Center is at level 2 or above.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse

The Plague Hearts work differently in each zone in Choose Your Apocalypse.

Standard Zone Plague Heart
These Plague Hearts will mostly be safeguarded by the Plague Zombies. It’s very easy to kill the Plague Heart in this mode as the zombies can be distracted by a simple decoy and the Plague Heart cannot call upon the zombies to protect itself.

Dread Zone Plague Heart
The Plague Hearts in this zone can command the zombies. The zombies will ignore the distraction when the Plague Heart calls upon them.

Nightmare Zone Plague Heart
The Plague Hearts in this zone spawn a feral when you hit it.

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