State of Decay 2 Outposts Guide – How To Claim, Command Post

Outposts are very important in State of Decay 2 because they can be used to expand your community, keep it safe, and you can use them as a sort of a Forward Operating Base for your operations. However, they are a little complex and you will need to use this State of Decay 2 Outposts Guide.

Our State of Decay 2 Outposts Guide will tell you everything that you need to know about Outposts in State of Decay 2. It will tell you how to build outposts and how can you get more of them quickly.

State of Decay 2 Outposts

If you want to build a new facility in your base, you have to go to an open area and press the ‘Y’ button to get the building menu. Then select the building that you want and start building it if you have the required materials for it.

The first facility that you should go for is the Infirmary. After that, you can focus on the facilities that your survivors want the most so that you can complete your community goals to Earn Influence and Boost Morale.

In order to obtain an outpost, you need two things, an open outpost slot, and influence points.

You will find an open slot by finding black squares on the map; these are the rooms that you can acquire. Find them and clear the zombies nearby and inside of the area, then head inside to interact with the lantern in the center.


You can get influence points by helping and satisfying your community or by helping other survivors in the area. For an average outpost, you will require a total of 300-400 influence points. It is advisable to save up influence to spend on the outpost.

Once you have all of the free space in your facility filled, it is best to move to a bigger base that has more slots for advanced facilities. A nearby outpost could be more useful than a facility so acquiring that might actually save you the need to get a new facility.

The benefit that all outposts have the same for each one you acquire is an item locker where you can put excess items for use later on. However, they do not allow you to store the resources rucksack. In order to deposit that, you need to head back to the community base.

Remember that you can destroy facilities that you do not need. Keep on experimenting to see which facility is best for your community.

There are two types of outposts, standard and special. These differ in the kind of benefits they offer. The standard outposts only give +1 on the various kind of resources while the special ones give a boost in Morale along with other beneficial facilities such as water tower or power substations etc. as well.

Standard Outposts

Some outposts also give bonuses. They might give you a +1 on food, ammo, gas or materials. These standard outposts allow you to increase the yield of your resources acquired each day. These are listed below along with the bonuses they provide.

Food Outpost
+1 Food. This outpost increases your food collection output by 1 point allowing you to obtain more food for your community allowing you to satisfy them more. These outposts may be made of Restaurants, Diners, and Food Stalls.

Medical Outpost
+1 Medical Supplies. These may be made to Veterinary Clinics or Hospitals. They provide with additional medical supplies each day.

Gas Outpost
+1 Gas. If you make use of vehicles more to travel around and roam in your area then this outpost is best suited to you. Acquire this to fulfill your every day fueling needs. These may be made of Abandoned Tankers and Gas Stations.

Material Outpost
+1 Material. Construction Sites and Hardware Store may make these outposts.

Ammo Outpost
+1 Ammo. These outposts give a bonus on ammo collections, so you will not run out when you are under siege with zombies. Abandoned Police Stations, Firearms Stores, and Military Outposts make up these outposts.

Bed Outpost
+2 Beds. These outposts provide with additional beds for your community so you can house more survivors. These can be made of Large Houses and Bungalows.

Special Outposts

Along with the extravagant facilities they provide, these special outposts also increase your community’s Morale, so they stand strong in a zombie attack.

Water Outpost
Has a water tower that provides your community with water every day. This tower is operated at the rate of 1 gas per day. This outpost also give +1 Morale to your community. This outpost costs 1000 influence points.

Power Outpost
Might be made of Power Sub-stations and provide your base with power. Also takes one Gas per day to run and 2000 influence points to obtain.

Artillery Outpost
This outpost cost 500 influence points to obtain and acquiring this unlocks Artillery Strike Radio Command.

How to Claim Outposts

Taking over an outpost is quite simple. Just navigate to it and bring your community to clear it out. Take out all of the zombies in that area and head over to the interaction point to get it.

Once you have done that, you will find that you can only have one home base but you can have as many outposts as you want.

In order to get more outposts, you need to upgrade your Command Post. Your base will have a Command Post that you need to select and head over to the upgrade section to upgrade it. In each area of the game, you can only have 3 or 4 outposts since the Command Post can only be upgraded a select number of times.

The upgrades for the command post have different requirements each time. For instance, in order to upgrade the command post to level 3, you need to have a survivor with computer skills.

In order to find a survivor with that knowledge just scroll to the community members’ option and select learn more to know more about the survivor. There you will be able to find a survivor with these skills and he will help you to upgrade the command post. Following that, you will be able to obtain more post in that area.

That is all we have for our State of Decay 2 Outposts Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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