State of Decay 2 Influence Guide – How To Earn Influence Points, Boost Morale (Tips)

When you’re not fighting zombies, you’re fighting the community’s pessimistic and hopeless nature. Yes, a good leader helps bring hope, determination, and some optimism to his people. This comes in the form of State of Decay 2 Influence and Morale; two of the key features in the game. Below, we shed some light on them.

State of Decay 2 Influence

Influence Points are the primary currency of the game. It will help you carry out a variety of tasks like expanding and managing your base as well as incorporating and purchasing other outposts around the world.

These outposts will help you obtain more weapons and other valuable supplies.

You can head over to the menu and check for the stats of a particular building before you choose it as your outpost.

Here, you can look at what resources you’ll be able to gain, how safe the area is and if it offers a Supply Locker for harboring and storing items. Lastly, some buildings will boost a higher Morale than others – a feature we’ll discuss later in this article.

As for the Influence Points, below, you’ll find some activities that can be useful in earning these:

Bringing back supplies, food, fuel, weapons, etc. will grant you Influence Points. To do this, raid outposts and collect items to bring them back to your base camp. Store them in the Supply Locker at the camp.

It isn’t all just about your camp, you can also aid other communities by responding to their radio calls and performing a variety of the tasks, they ask you to carry out!

These include clearing infestations or bringing supplies, either way, you’ll walk home with a decent number of Influence points Playing the co-op mode will help you earn a lot of Influence Points if you join a friend and help them build their outpost.

There are certain locations in the game where you can destroy zombie infestations or Plague Hearts as they’re called. Both rifles and explosives can do the job. You earn Influence Points for this activity.

You’ll encounter many NPCs in the game whom you can trade and sell items to. These exchanges result in Influence Points where the result depends on the item you’ve traded/sold.

Usually, some items will carry a good value for Influence Points as you can check out in their descriptions.

How to Boost Morale

When you’ve done quite good for your own self in the form of Influence Points, it may be useful thinking about others. This is where Morale comes in and it’s a factor depended on many variables. Some of them include:

Rest before anything else; you need to have beds for each of the NPCs you have in your community. Lacking in that department, you may let fights start and serious injuries to happen to these characters. If you want to keep these characters a part of your story, don’t give them a reason to get angry.

Certain buildings when made outposts will boost the morale of the people. These include the Espresso Building for providing Espresso at the camp, the Water or Electricity factories for providing these valuable resources to the community.

You need to keep a check on the important resources like food, water, and medical kits at all times. Whenever you’re low on them, head out immediately and come back with more. You cannot compromise when it comes to these basic resources if you want to keep the morale up and high.

Lastly, it’s the small things that matter. Video games for teens and kids, heaters to be used in the kitchen for the pleasure of adults, magazines, and books to be read by the elderly, everything matters.

This is all we have in our State of Decay 2 Influence and Morale Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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