State of Decay 2 Legacy Boons Guide

Our State of Decay 2 Legacy Boon Guide will tell you about all 4 of the different Legacy Boons and how they benefit you in survival

The primary purpose of State of Decay 2 is to build a thriving community of survivors who can take the zombie apocalypse head on. This will be difficult but the Legacy Boon can make your life much easier. Hence, you will need this State of Decay 2 Legacy Boon Guide.

Our SoD2 Legacy Boons Guide will tell you about all 4 of the different Legacy Boons. Everything from what they are to how to use them will be mentioned.

State of Decay 2 Legacy Boon

After a little bit of playtime, you will need to appoint a leader for your community who has good standing within it. These leaders will be of 1 of the 4 different types and will have their very own questline.

State of Decay 2 is one of the games that encourage you to play them more than once and it is designed as such. It even has four different map sections for you to explore in each run and four different start points.

The Legacy Missions are about leaving a legacy behind after having ended the game. The Legacy Boons are essentially power-ups or a helping hand for the new community found after having destroyed all the 10 Plague Hearts.

The Legacy Missions that you completed before, will help you in the next run, making the game a bit easier and a bit more accessible.


Once you have completed all of them, you will be granted a Legacy Boon. Remember that you can take up to 2 different Legacy Boons with you when you start a new game.

The Legacy Boon will vary depending on the type of leader that you selected. This Legacy Boon will give you an advantage on your next playthrough of the game and will make surviving much easier than it was the first time around.

Therefore, let us go ahead and see which class will get you which Legacy Boon and what is the advantage that you will gain from it.

What are Legacy Boon

Here are the 4 different Legacy Boons that are available for each of the different types of leaders.

Amenities Legacy Boon: Builder

If you finish the quest line for the Builder Leader type, you will be given Amenities that means that you will have base wide power and water without any threat of cost.

This means that you will be able to have both power and water without a daily cost. The machines that increase the threat of your base being attacked will also not generate noise anymore.

This boon isn’t going anywhere till you complete your group’s legacy.

State of Decay 2 (2)

Charity Legacy Boon: Sherriff

Finishing the Sheriff Questline will grant you the Charity Legacy Boon. This boon gives you a perk that will allow you to receive high-quality loot once per day.

This will be a great help as it will allow you to manage your supplies much more easily and will have you searching for basic resources a lot less.

The first delivery that you receive will consist of one of the following items:

  • AR-15, 20 Rounds of 5.56 mm, Utilities Textbook, 3 Bottles of Strong Painkillers, and 3 Bottles of Stimulants
  • Civilian Uzi 22 Carbine, 20 Rounds of .22 cal, Computers Textbook, 3 Bottles of Strong Painkillers, and 3 Bottles of Stimulants
  • M1-A, 20 Rounds of 7.62 mm, Mechanics Textbook, 3 Bottles of Strong Painkillers, and 3x Bottles of Stimulants
  • Model 870, 20 12g Shells, Cooking Textbook, 3 Bottles of Strong Painkillers, and 3x Bottles of Stimulants

The remaining deliveries will have either 1 to 3 bottles of painkillers or 1 to 2 bags of snacks. Two items would be randomly picked from the following list:

  • 3 Bottles of Strong Painkillers
  • 1 to 2 Decoys of Boomboxes, Road Flares, or Tubes of Fireworks
  • 12 to14 Rounds of 12g Shells
  • 60 Rounds of .22 cal Rounds or 12g Shells

Just like Amenities Legacy Boon, this Boon shall remain active too

State of Decay 2 (3)

Favors Legacy Boon: Trader

Once you are done with the Trader quests, you will be able to use the Favors Legacy Boon that essentially means that you will get a friendly trader along with 4,000 Points whenever you make your first base.

This will allow you to earn further influence very quickly and will help you collect resources.

Mobilization Legacy Boon: Warlord

As soon as you finish the Warlord quests, you will be able to use Mobilization. Mobilization Legacy Boon allows you to have a massive pile of ammo, grenades, and guns when you build your first base.

You’ll receive 2 M4A1s, a Sighted M4A1, Model 99-50, 200 rounds of 5.56mm, 30 rounds of .50 AP, and 20 frag grenades.

This is great as it allows you to build your base right in the thick of the action since you will have ample resources to defend it against intruders.

Completing all Four

The game does not actually allow you to do all the Legacy Boons in a single run. After having completed one of the Legacy missions, you have to build the community from grounds up in order to be able to complete another Legacy Boon.

However, this guide will also let you know how you can complete all the Legacy Boons in a single run without having to build a new community to be able to select a new leader and do the Legacy missions.

In order to do all the Legacy missions in a single go, follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, you will have to destroy all 10 Plague Hearts to end the main storyline. When you reach the final stage of this maneuver, you will get a pop-up saying that completing this quest will end the community. Upon seeing this, select the option saying ‘Not Yet’ to forcibly save the game’s progress without ending the community.
  • However, for this to work you need to have the Cloud Saving feature.
  • Now return to the community and begin one of the four Legacy Mission in accordance with the Personality type of the leader selected. Proceed to complete this mission in order to obtain that Legacy Boon.
  • After having completed the Legacy Achievement, you will see a pop-up for that achievement. Upon seeing that, press Home followed by the Options button to Manage game & add-ons. Here, you need to find saved data and in it your account. Now choose to delete the local save and remember to only delete it from the console by selecting ‘Delete from Console’.
  • Home > Options > Manage game& add-ons > Local saves
  • Doing this will close the game. When you start back up, you will be able to continue with the same community, having the Legacy mission you just completed still marked as completed. Following this, you need to exile the current leader in order to choose a new one with a different Personality Type to do their Legacy missions.
  • You will have to follow step 3 after completion of each Legacy mission, ending with all four of them completed.

That is all we have for our State of Decay 2 Legacy Boon Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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