State of Decay 2 Leader Guide

Since you will be managing an entire community of people in State of Decay 2, the leader will have an important part to play. At the start, you will have to select a leader which will be difficult due to the multiple options that are available. Fear not though, as this State of Decay 2 Leader Guide is here to help.

Our State of Decay 2 Leader Guide will tell you how to select the leader of the survivors at the start of the game and what to do in order to be able to promote a survivor to the leader position.

State of Decay 2 Leader

The leader is an important part of the game and will have an impact on the events that unfold. Before you are able to select a leader, you will be spending a fair amount of time playing as the survivors.

Each survivor is unique and will have their attributes affect the story of the game if they become a leader.

Some of the leaders may also have a special purpose facility built at the home base. Let’s go ahead and see how to recruit a leader that is right for you.

Selecting a Leader

When you have got a decent number of survivors in your community, you should spend some time with each of the different survivors to see if their individual attributes set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

You can also view their skills in the Community Tab. Once you select a leader that you believe will serve your community well, you can take control of them.

  • In order to make your character a leader, you will need to increase their influence within the community
  • You can do so by completing missions as that character
  • Once you have increased the standing of your selected character enough that he/she becomes a hero
  • You will be able to become a leader of the community

State of Decay 2 Beginners Guide
New survivors start at the rank of Recruits. You can increase the rank by doing mission or tasks.

Once you have done enough, the rank of the survivor will increase to become a citizen and then finally Hero. Once the rank is Hero and you want that character to become a leader, head on over to the Community Tab and select the State of Decay symbol.

When you select the aforementioned symbol, you will be able to see all of the survivors who have achieved Hero status in your community.

You can see their description and promote one of them to become the Leader. A leader will be able to guide the community towards completely eradicating the Blood Plague along with the zombie infestation.

Leader Types

State of Decay 2 offers 4 types of leaders – Builder, Sheriff, Trader, and Warlord. Each survivor falls into one of these types upon becoming the leader.

A builder leader focuses on improving the defense of the base to make sure that each member of the community thrives.

When you choose a builder leader, you get access to facilities like Sniper Tower, Luxury Barracks 2, and Generator 3.

A Sheriff Leader’s storyline will revolve around the protection of the innocents and delivering justice to those who harm them.

Choosing a Sheriff Leader grants you access to facilities like Field Hospital, Lounge 3, and Shooting Range 2.

A Trader leader believes that for a community to thrive, it must have good political and diplomatic relations with other communities.

When you promote a hero to become a trader leader, you unlock the following facilities; Trade Depot, Farm 3, and Still 2.

A Warlord Leader will focus on building an army of survivors to eliminate any threat that may come in his peoples’ way.

With a Warlord Leader, you get access to an Armory, Spartan Barracks 2, and Fighting Gym 2.

Legacy Boons

Whenever you complete the whole iteration with one particular type of leader, you get bonuses in the form of Legacy Boons. These bonuses vary for each different leader type.

Once you unlock any of these Legacy Boons, it will remain unlocked for any future communities you wish to build having any type of leader. Below, we have listed each and every Legacy Boon with its respective leader type.

  • Amenities (Builder) – an endless supply of water and power, free of cost.
  • Charity (Sheriff) – starting from the very first day, you will continue to get high-quality loot from your old community members.
  • Favors (Trader) – a whopping 4000 influence and a visit from a friendly trader as soon as you settle your first base.
  • Mobilization (Warlord) – plenty of guns, ammo, and grenades, all will be yours!

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