State of Decay 2 Warlord Missions Walkthrough Guide – How To Complete (Walkthrough Guide)

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Once you have selected a leader, you will find that there are 4 different types of leaders with their very own side missions. Warlord is just one of those types and the missions for it can be particularly difficult. For that reason, you will need this State of Decay 2 Warlord Missions Walkthrough Guide.

Our State of Decay 2 Warlord Missions Walkthrough Guide will guide you through all of the Warlord Side Missions in State of Decay 2 in a step-by-step manner so that you can complete them easily.

State of Decay 2 Warlord Missions

Once you promote a survivor who has a good standing within the community to the leader position, you will see that there are 4 different types of leaders within the game.

Warlord will have its own specific missions that will be based on weapons and military. Let us go ahead and take a look at each of the Warlord missions one by one to figure out how you can easily complete them.

Warlord Missions Walkthrough

There are a total of 9 Warlord missions that you will need to complete, starting from Weapons for All.

  • Weapons for All
  • Turf War
  • Notice of Eviction
  • Military Supremacy
  • Destroy the Plague Heart
  • A New Beginning
  • Personal Dead Zone
  • Smash the Coalition

Weapons for All
This will be the first mission available to you. You’ll need to gather information about the weapon stockpiles from the wanderer. He will tell you about Ricky Old Barn which houses a lot of weapons. Drive to the location and confront the neighbors to get information.

You should talk to the neighbors inside of the barn to get info. If you are not able to confront them, you will still complete the mission. Killing everyone and getting the weapons will complete the mission as well.

Turf War
This is the second mission that you’ll be doing after completing Weapons for All. Talk to the wanderer about the bodies and then go to Spoon and Cone to investigate them. Then, locate the survivors and follow the market towards them.

There are a few ways you can complete this but first, you will have to kill all the zombies and then talk to the lady there.

You can kill everyone, you can ask them to leave the place, or you can recruit them.

Notice of Eviction
Kill the zombies at the marker and then follow the next marker. Get to the fuel tanker on the northeast side and kill the zombies before talking to Charles.

You can either pick Charles to turn into hostiles or all the locals. Kill Charles and then claim the Tanker as an outpost by selecting the first option.

Military Supremacy
When you are informed about securing the outpost, travel to the location and use your car to eliminate all the zombies. Talk to the person there to recruit them and then establish an outpost.

Destroy the Plague Heart
To get the next mission, use your radio to find the Plague Heart and carry your explosives towards it to distract the zombies.

Keep on distracting the zombies (a boombox is a good option) and then destroy the Plague Heart. Once it is down, collect the Plague Samples. The next mission will not be available until you’ve found the Plague Heart.

A New Beginning
Talk to the first 2 members you meet upon returning to the community. One of them is right behind the door sitting on the ground. The wanderer outside the gate will tell you of the attack on the community and then you can recruit him.

Next, head to the old homesite and kill the zombies before finding the conspirators. Enter the house to kill the survivors and then the next mission will begin.

The Informant
After completing “A New Beginning”, you are ready to go with this one. To get the mission started, you need to talk to the visitor walking outside the gate. You’ll be informed about an attack on the community.

Recruit him to your group and proceed with the mission. Find Coalition conspirators after killing a few zombies. Kill the outlaw survivors to finish the mission.

Personal Dead Zone
This mission has you scouting around and having the neighbors on your side. Scout 4 areas by killing the zombies and then looking for survivors. Secure all 4 areas to finish the mission and begin the final one.

You can simply follow the markers for this one.

Smash the Coalition
This is the last mission of the Warlord quest. Take 3 members to a new area and begin a new community. Once the quest is underway, get to the coalition members at the marker and take out 2 to talk to the final one.

He or she will give you the location of the Home Base for the Coalition. Take out the 4 people over there using long-range weapons. Finally, enter the Coalition Base to end the missions.

That is all we have for our State of Decay 2 Warlord Missions Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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