How To Get Va’ruun Storeroom Keycard In Starfield

Open the Va'ruun Embassy locked Door.

The Keycards open locked spaces that can lead to the next area in missions or be filled with valuable loot. In the case of the Va’Ruun Storeroom Keycard in Starfield, you can use it to open the locked door in the basement of the Va’ruun Embassy.

Behind this door, you will find some valuable loot, so it is better to find the Keycard. If you don’t know where to find the keycard, don’t worry, as I will help you get to it quickly.

Starfield Va’ruun Storeroom Keycard location

Before you find the keycard, you must know that you are in the correct location. To find the Va’ruun keycard, you must be in the Va’ruun Embassy. This building is located in the Alpha Centauri System. Go west from the MAST building, and you’ll find a tunnel covered in vines on the very edge of the structures.

This is the only way to go inside, and it is unlocked during the UC Vanguard Faction Questline, specifically once you start the Friends Like These quest.

Now, for the keycard, go inside the Embassy and the lift. Press the basement level button, also named House Va’ruun Embassy. This will take you to the basement level, filled with overgrown plants and bad lighting.

The area is limited, so just go around the area, opening doors, picking up loot, and fighting enemies. Keep going through the corridors until you reach a dried-up patch of plants. Cross it to the other side, and you’ll reach the Va’ruun Embassy locked door in Starfield.

Go towards the door, and you will find an NPC named Bal’mor near it. Inside, you’ll find another door on the left, the Ambassador’s Room. Go inside and take a sharp left.

You’ll find the Va’Ruun Storeroom Keycard between a fan and mug on the shelf. Pick it up and take it to the locked door that you were previously at.

What is inside the locked door of the Va’ruun Embassy?

Use the Keycard to open the locked door. This will reveal a small room with a few items on the shelves and complete armor on your left. This is a Va’ruun Spacesuit, which is your main prize. It’s not the best, but you access it during the first half of the game. It’s okay to be used for usual exploration and basic fights.

You also find an Electromagnetic Rifle inside the Va’ruun Embassy called Novablast Disruptor in Starfield. It is a basic rifle best for mid to low-range attacks. It’s a moderate weapon, but having one nonetheless is good.

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