Starfield Supply Line Walkthrough

Want to earn some drug money and get an deeper look into how everything is made? You can do that in Supply Line side mission in Starfield.

Neon is home to all kinds of crimes and that includes drugs and contraband as well. If you want in on this business and earn some cash under the table then you might as well do that during the Supply Line mission in Starfield.

You are going to be introduced to the manufacturing process of a well-known drug Aurora and you are going to gain hands-on experience.

If you are struggling to keep up with the objectives then you should definitely keep up with our guide to get some help.

How to unlock the Supply Line mission

The Supply Line is a side mission in Starfield that is part of a longer questline that revolves around the drug Aurora.

The whole quest takes place on the Planet Neon in the Volii Alpha Star System. The questline that starts with the Loose Ends mission, followed by Fishy Business, finally ends with the Supply Line mission.

It is evident that you need to complete both of them before putting the final nail in the questline’s coffin – Supply Line in Starfield.

To start the quest, you will need to find Yannick Legrande which you will in his shop – Legrnades Liquors. Simply having a conversation with him will start the quest.

How to complete Supply Line in Starfield

You have dealt with the smuggling of Aurora and it is time to finally get your own hands dirty and manufacture it as well. That is what we are going to do. Here is how the story will unfold.

Work in Xenofresh Fisheries Factory

Once you have talked to Yannick and started the quest, head straight for Xenofresh Fisheries Factory. You will be working on the main assembly line that is going to be on the lower level.

Pass through the door and you can activate the assembly line using the trigger in front of you. To your left, there will be three separate units as it is a three-part process.

The middle machine with the belt will provide you with all of the raw materials. It is going to be your first point of contact. You will have exactly 60 seconds to do all three steps.

Take the raw material from the middle machine and put it inside the Pharmaceutical Lab, machine on the left. You can craft Unprocessed Aurora from it.

Collect it and take it to the Assembly Hopper. It is like a bucket on the far right side of the room. Repeat the process three times. This will complete the first part of the quest.

Get the delivery coordinates from Robin

Once you are all wrapped up on the assembly line, you are going to have to talk to Robin Hannigar.

You will find her in the break room, right next to the assembly line. She will give you the coordinates of the package, you need to deliver to Yannick.

Follow the quest marker and you will find the package next to a dumpster. In some instances, there will be a drug addict lady next to the package. You might have to persuade her or kill her but you need to get the package by any means possible.

Once you have the contest of package in hand, head back to Yannick’s Shop deliver it to him, and collect your reward.

Starfield – Supply Line mission rewards

Completing the Supply Line side mission in Starfield will get you the following rewards:

  • Aurora Recipe
  • 3000x Credits
  • 100 XP

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