Where To Find The Starborn Trader In Starfield

The Starborn Trader is a vendor that sells you high-quality and rare items, including legendary weapons in Starfield.

A mysterious trader with high-quality goods that are hardly found elsewhere, the Starborn Trader is a peculiar vendor in Starfield.

During your journey across the Stars and galaxies, you will come across someone hailing you named Mysterious Stranger or Mysterious Captain.

The Starborn Trader seems to always have known you and kept an eye on your life. It is a random occurrence so meeting him will be completely up to your luck.

That being said, we will go over locations where other ship captains have met him. Let’s get into how you can find the Starborn Trader in Starfield.

How to find the Starborn Trader in Starfield

To find the Starborn Trader, you need to first become a Starborn yourself in Starfield. This is not a beginner-friendly endeavor as completing the game is part of the process.

In order to become Starborn you need to play through the whole main storyline of Starfield. Secondly, you need to start a New Game Plus playthrough after completing the Revelation and One Giant Leap missions. After this, you will be referred to as the Starborn by certain NPCs.  


Starborn Trader location in Starfield

The most commonly reported location of encountering Starborn Trader is while orbiting the Feynman I Planet of the Feynman Star System.

The exact location of Starborn Trader is not known as the encounter is a chance occurrence in Starfield. You will be able to encounter him while grav-jumping between different galaxies other than Feynman.

What does the Starborn Trader shop sell?

The Starborn Trader has different items in his shop, including legendary weapons, that you will be able to exchange for Credits.

The shop can have Rifles like Avatar and Last Breath, rare materials like Aldumite and Vytinium, and legendries like the Demoralizing Calibrated Va’ruun Inflictor particle beam rifle and Frenzy Calibrated Negotiator heavy weapon.

When you encounter him, you will be able to purchase these rare finds for a fraction of the price. We suggest buying the shop clean if you encounter him because you will not get a price better than what Starborn Trader offers anywhere in all of the star systems of Starfield.

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