Starfield Best Shipyards And Manufacturers Locations

You will find a lot of Shipyards and manufacturers in Starfield, but only a few of them are the best.

Shipyards in Starfield are locations that offer repair, upgrade, and modification services for your spaceship. Your spaceship will need repairs after combats and upgrades for upcoming fights.

Timely maintaining your spaceship is a crucial factor in your astronomical adventures. There are dozens of shipyards available on different planets in Starfield. But, we will list the ones with the best service and those you should visit as a priority.

Best Ship Manufacturers in Starfield

Shipyards are mostly found within cities because they require Ship Service Technicians. You might have observed some of them while landing on a planet. These are major Ship Technicians, while others have settled their businesses in small offices in different parts of the city.

When it comes to the best shipyards and ship vendors in Starfield, most of them offer the same services. But, what makes some of them better is what ship parts and appearance they offer.

For that reason, Neon City and Akila City shipyards must be your top priority because they have a wide variety of parts with different appearances. Also, the quality of their parts is higher than any of their competitor.

If you want to equip the best weapons on your spaceship, then Deimos Staryard in Starfield is the place to go. Deimos sells all the best quality weapons. If you wish to purchase alternative parts, you can find them at United Colonies Shipyards.


Lastly, if you are considering equipping your spaceship with smuggling parts, these can be bought cheaply from The Den and The Key Ship Technicians in Starfield.

Although purchasing these are illegal and dangerous, these parts are unique and rarely found in the other Shipyards. Even if they do, they are whooping expensive. Let’s take Sheilded Cargo bays and Scan Jammers, which will let you pass the scans without suspicion.

All Shipyards locations in Starfield

Here is a list of all the available shipyards so far:

Shipyard NameLocation
Akila City ShipyardAkila, Cheyenne System
Cydonia ShipyardMars, Sol System
Deimos StaryardDeimos, Sol System
Hopetown ShipyardPolvo, Valo System
New Atlantis ShipyardJemison, Alpha Centauri System
New Homestead ShipyardTitan, Sol System
Neon ShipyardVolii Alpha, Volii System
Paradiso ShipyardPorrima II, Porrima System
Stroud-Ekland ShowroomNeon Core, Volii Alpha, Volii System
Taiyo Astroneering ShowroomNeon Core, Volii Alpha, Volii System
The Red MilePorrima III, Porrima System
The DenThe Den, Wolf System
The KeyThe Key Space Station, Kryx System

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