How To Increase Ship Crew Size In Starfield

Adding the best crew is necessary in Starfield but it requires you to increase your ship crew size.

A large Ship Crew size in Starfield is one of the most important parts of your journey. When venturing into different galaxies, you cannot deal with the emptiness of the soundless planets on your own. Hence, there is a need for a Ship Crew that accompanies you throughout your expedition.

How to increase your ship’s crew size in Starfield

Take note that while you can increase the number of crew on your ship, you cannot do it automatically in Starfield. You must meet certain standard procedures to populate your ship.

Increasing ship crew size in Starfield can be a bit challenging for something as easy as it sounds. During your journey, you will need to populate your ship with certain members in order to travel across different planets. Having only two crew members will not do the job for you.

Regardless of how much time you invested in building your ship in Starfield by adding additional storage slots, you will not be able to increase the capacity without spending skills. Below we have arranged the methods required to increase the ship screw size in Starfield.

1. Upgrade Payload Skill

Payloads are a part of the Technical Skill Tree in Starfield. They allocate additional space to your ship which helps fill compartments with crew members. Thus, increasing the ship crew size.

However, they are locked by default. Therefore, you must spend at least 4 Skill points to the Technical Tree to unlock this skill. You can even go as far as increasing 50% of your maximum capacity on your ship.


2. Upgrade Ship Command Skill

Ship Commands are a part of the Social Skill Tree in Starfield. These are Master Tier skills that allow you to increase the overall size of your ship per rank. Therefore, it is one of the best skills to invest in.

However, similar to Payloads, Ship Command skills are also locked by default. You can unlock them by investing 12 Skill Points into the Social Skill Tree.

3. Use Cockpits and Habs

Another method to increase ship crew size in Starfield is by using cockpits and habs. Your ships are assigned to have multiple habs. You can use these habs to insert multiple crew members easily.

The best hab for extra space is Stroud Battle Station 2×2. You can buy this hab in Neon from the Stroud-Ecklund shop. It is capable of increasing the crew size by +6 in Starfied.

Additionally, cockpits are another way of adding more crew to your ship. Although each ship can only have a single cockpit, it is enough to contain +6 crew members.

The best cockpit for more crew in Starfield is the Kon-Tiki B-500 Bridge. You can buy this cockpit in Neon from the Stroud-Ecklund shop.

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