Starfield All For One Walkthrough 

The "All for One" mission requires you to convince Dietrich Seighart to stand up to the illegal shop activities of Neon City in Starfield.

All for One is one of Starfield’s many miscellaneous side quests that require you to put on your leadership skills and end the corruption in Neon City.

The quest requires you to meet up with a local vendor and his competitor to form a united alliance against the corrupt forces while keeping their differences aside.

How to unlock All for One Mission

You need to speak with James Newill to start the All for One mission in Starfield. He has a store in Neon City called Newill’s Goods. You can start on that by selecting the “James Newill” activity from your mission log after arriving in the City.

How to complete All for One in Starfield

Speak with James to know that he has much more to offer than his competitor Dietrich Sieghart. Perhaps there is a way to help James improve his business in Neon City.

Inquire more about Sieghart and agree to help James unite the store owners against the illicit activities happening around the shop owners.

It is also optional but recommended to speak with James’s wife to look at the situation from another point of view and guarantee your success while persuading Sieghart. James’s wife, Rosa will also be present in the store.


Find a way to persuade Dietrich Seighart

After speaking with James’s wife head over to Sieghart Outfitters located near the main elevator in the middle of Neon Core to speak with Sieghart.

Make small talk with Seighart and select the dialogue ‘James Newill objects to you paying Neon security protection fees’ to start persuading Sieghart.

Persuade Dietrich Seighart to complete All for One in Starfield.

Your only task is to persuade Seighart. If you somehow lack the persuasion skills and fail to persuade Sieghart return to Newill’s wife Rosa who’ll convince Seighart regardless.

Return to James Newill

Come back to meet up with James and report him on Sieghart’s agreement to form a united alliance marking an end to the All for One side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – All for One mission rewards

  • 2500 Credits
  • 100 EXP

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